Titans: Season 1
Angels with Dirty Minds

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Season: 1
Episode: 10
First Air Date: December 11, 2000
Writer: Charles Pratt, Jr.
Director: Charles Correll
# of times Chandler was shirtless: 1
# of scenes Peter was drinking: 0
# of times Jenny cried: 0
Gwen's Perfume: Chanel #2
Instrumental played while Chandler & Heather danced: Saving All My Love For You
Main Titans Theme: by Joseph Stanley Williams and Amye Williams

Guest Stars:

  • Katie Stuart as Faith
  • Brittney Powell as Maureen Keller
  • Clement von Franckenstein as Edward
  • Michelle Holgate as Eve
  • Van B. Poole as Fundraiser
  • Paul Tigue as Frank
  • Our Rating: 9/10

    Fan Rating: 9/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


    Cancellation? But the catfights have only just begun. What do these crazies want, polite conversation?

    The combatants: Samantha and Heather were all claws as they rumbled over Dress2K, and there was little doubt that Peter wished he had acquisitioned a vat of mud for just such an occasion. While it ended in a draw, this was most definitely Heatherís week for ticker tape parades.

    Our modern Medusa not only developed a one for all, all for me public kissy face relationship with Chandler, but she also mouse trapped Peter in his Maureen myth. Heather forced Peter to give her the reins back, and in turn he coerced Jack into obliging by offering funds for flyboyís pet project. Sam fumed over the backwashing and resigned. Later though, she crept into Peterís bed announcing herself as being as nasty as she wants to be. Note to Heather; shove Chandler in front of you as a shield right now!

    Uncle Jackís judgment was clouded (hence dealing with Peter), see, worldly business guy finally got the gumption to tell prim princess Gwen that she makes his knees weak. Gwen retreated to the ranch where eons ago she chose to be Richardís bride, Jack showed up but just as things got hot and heavy there comes telephone interruptus.

    Meanwhile, water torture would seem more pleasurable for David than life with Jenny. Sober Jen got him a suspect promotion and flavored their conversation with picket fences and pitter pattering feet, sending him straight into the shower with Laurie. And isnít it always the way, just when you feel like sudsing up with your boy toy, you have to wait in line after your big sister.

    While the impeccably groomed cat is away the mice will play. Before leaving town, Gwen caught Faith siphoning Chanel No.22, a definite call for capital punishment. Naturally, Ethan opted to host a massive party with the girl heís never supposed to dream about again, let alone creep upstairs with.

    While Gwen was galloping back to save her Ming vases and Ethanís purity, Jenny stumbled into the house of drunken teens, perhaps for once, feeling at home there. Except tipsiness and pools donít mix as swell as her vodka and orange juice, so she slipped and bumped her head. On the plus side, amnesia might erase her shower trauma.

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