Titans Bio:
Katie Stuart

Birth Date: August 22, 1984

Birth City: Sonora, California

Titans Character: Faith

First Spelling Show: 7th Heaven on an episode entitled "Loser" which aired 10/16/00

Other interests: tennis, shopping - "high-fashion, perfect for Titans", ping pong, and pretty much just having fun!

School: currently attending a Junior College in LA.

First Titans Episode: episode #7 "Torn Between Two Mothers"

About Faith: Katie Stuart has been cast as "Faith" a sassy, gorgeous 16 year old from Beverly Hills. Faith will be the love interest for Kevin Zeger's character Ethan. She lives next door to Ethan & Gwen and across the street from Chandler & Co.)

About Katie: Besides beening an actress Katie is an extremely accomplished musician who is in the process of "shopping" her pop music demo to major record companies throughout the country.