Titans: Season 1
Secrets & Thighs

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Season: 1
Episode: 9
First Air Date: December 4, 2000
Ratings: 4.8/8 (#72 overall)
Writer: Douglas Steinberg
Director: Mel Damski
# of times Chandler was shirtless: 0
# of scenes Peter was drinking: 1
# of times Jenny cried: 1
Main Titans Theme: by Joseph Stanley Williams and Amye Williams
Special Musical Guest: Box

Guest Stars:

  • Sandra Hess as Margo Dupris
  • Brittney Powell as Maureen Keller
  • Katie Stuart as Faith
  • Michelle Holgate as Eve
  • Stevie Johnson as Male Nurse
  • Mimi Savage as Vet
  • Our Rating: 8/10

    Fan Rating: 8/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


    Is there a school for nasty evilness, and if so; were Heather and Peter on the Dean’s List?

    Young nasty evilness trainee Faith has waved some kind of sinister spell over whipping boy Ethan. She keeps holding the football and yanking it away when he tries to kick it. This go round she dumped him at Pulse for a randy older guitar god but then later joined Ethan on the tennis court for a kissy face match. Uncle Jack really needs to interfere here.

    Of course Jack was highly occupied with his Gwen mating dance. He brought aboard French champagne lovely Margo Dupris for a red light special of Gwen’s beloved Beverly Hills Hotel. However, since he so admires his ex-sis-in-law’s fight and a couple other shining attributes, Jack never let the sale go through. A bouquet of roses and their deal should be sealed.

    No one was showering Heather with soft petals, even in light of her miscarriage. Gwen refused to bond over their mutual medical crises and birthday boy Chandler felt no sympathy for the devil. So Heather put her best Pucci dream girl foot forward and re-entered the work force bumping brainy Sam down a notch. First piece of business, sink tons of funds into aviation and then find a dog in the street knocking on heaven’s door so you can weep with previously uncharitable fly boy over lost baby. All in a day’s work.

    Oh, and she made Peter irate with her return to Dress2K, some fab icing on her cake. Naturally being lecherous, Peter took full advantage, adding vulnerable confessions to his bag of tricks. He commissioned a quaint house and former love of his life Maureen straight out of central casting. Samantha bought it hook, line and sink into bed with him. Nasty evilness.

    Elsewhere David was not getting nominated for sainthood either. He got back into bed with Jenny, allowing her time to literally powder her nose. Luckily Gwen caught her not so prodigal daughter in a medicine cabinet scavenger hunt and Jen at last tearfully revealed that she felt responsible for her parents split; not so insisted mom. Meanwhile Laurie deserved a standing ovation for kicking the Aussie creep to the curb.

    All around it was a case of one step forward and by next week, probably two steps backwards over a steep cliff.

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