Titans Bio:
Ingo Rademacher

Titans Character: David O'Connor

First Titans Episode: Dysfunction Junction

Birth Date: April 22, 1971

Birth City: Iserlohn-Letmathe, West Germany

Height: 6' 2'

Sports: Skiing champion at age 8. Professional equestrian in jumping and dressage before leaving West Germany. As an adult, he was a beach volleyball player and an Ironman triathlete (for which he continues to train near his Pacific Palisades home)

Siblings: One sister; Anne

Baywatcher: Is a "certified" lifeguard in real life and lives next door to to "real life"lifeguard, Mike Newman, from Baywatch

Lost Roles: Lost out on the role of Oliver on "Suddenly Susan" to Rob Estes.

About David: The sexy manager of Gwen’s nightclub, Pulse, David is the object of both Jenny and Laurie’s affections.

About Ingo: (From NBC.com) As a boy, Ingo Rademacher's family moved from what was then West Germany to Australia, where they owned and operated a 400-acre cattle ranch and later a vegetable farm -- all of which helped to shape his passionate concern for the environment as an active member of Greenpeace.

"I don't think I was cut out to be a farmer because it's not my calling in life," says Rademacher, who was even born on an April 22 – Earth Day. "But when my family moved to Australia to begin a more self-sufficient life, I became aware of environmental issues. These are the most important issues that we are facing now because at the current rate, we're not going to have a place to live in 50 to 100 years."

Rademacher --who is best known for his role as the ambitious business mogul, Jax, on the daytime drama "General Hospital" -- was born in the small village of Iserlohn-Letmathe in Germany. Always very athletic, he became a West German ski champion at 8. After his family emigrated to Australia two years later, he was, from the ages of 10-14, a competitive equestrian in jumping, dressage and cross country events.

Rademacher's family first settled in New South Wales and raised cattle and Angora goats at a rural "station" before moving on to a vegetable farm in Queensland, where he drove a tractor among his chores. He excelled at Hobie Kat sailing competitions, beach volleyball and trained as an Ironman triathlete while he studied forestry at Queensland University. After one year, he left to work in hotel management at a nearby resort on Hamilton Island, where he landed a commercial and then decided to head for Sydney for a modeling career.

Soon, Rademacher was cast as the lead in the popular primetime Aussie series "Paradise Beach," where he remained for two years before leaving for Los Angeles in 1994. "I had always wanted to be an actor since I was 12," he says. "I love the idea of entertaining people who can watch you and hopefully walk away happy. I also like being in the public eye and setting a good example with my charity work."

Rademacher is looking forward to playing David O'Connor, the devilishly handsome manager of the night club owned by matriarch Gwen Williams (Victoria Principal) on "Titans." "I'm so excited about working in an Aaron Spelling show," he says, "especially since I almost got another job in one of his series – ‘Models, Inc.' – over six years ago, but the timing was off because I couldn't get my work permit straightened out in time."

In his leisure time, Rademacher prefers putting himself to the torturous test of competing in 32-mile ocean kayaking races. He also enjoys surfing, mountain-biking and training for ocean Ironman races ("I'm in the water almost every single day").