Titans: Season 1
Someone Wicked This Way Comes

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Season: 1
Episode: 13
First Air Date: No US air date at this time (April 4, 2001 in the U.K.))
Writer: Barry O´Brien
Director: Robert J. Metoyer
# of times Chandler was shirtless: 2
# of scenes Peter was drinking: 5
# of times Jenny cried: 0
# of fights Jenny & Laurie had: 3
# of nightmares Heather had: 2
The restaurant Heather and Chandler had breakfast at: La Marina
The band that never got around to performing live at the Pulse Powerline
The residence Sam´s grandfather lives at: Sanchez Vineyards
Main Titans Theme: by Joseph Stanley Williams and Amye Williams
Opening Song: the same instrumental that is normally played under the ´Previously on Titans´-montage.
Costume Designer: Cathryn Wagner

Special Guest Star: Ricardo Montalban as Mr. Sanchez (Sam's Grandfather)

Guest Stars:

  • Robin Atkin Downes as La Marina waiter or Powerline manager
  • Jeff Parise as La Marina waiter or Powerline manager
  • Brittney Powell as Maureen Keller
  • Katie Stuart as Faith
  • Clement von Franckenstein as Edward
  • Kevin Fry as shadowy figure
  • Jessica Zweiman as young Heather
  • Michelle Holgate as Eve
  • J.D. Pardo as Nick
  • Chelsea Pratt as young girl at Bramley
  • Our Rating: ?/10

    Fan Rating: 8/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


    (By Dusan Djurovic)

    1. Jason George is edited out of the opening credits of the finale and his character Scott does not appear in a single scene.
    2. Original Titans Score: by Eddie Arkin (it is obvious that the last two episodes got into post-production only after the cancellation had been announced. Not only that there are no opening songs, but there´s plenty of recycled music from the previous episodes - not always appropriately placed. The tender scene where Samantha returns into Peter´s arms uses the same music as the slightly dramatic pilot episode scene where Heather begs Chandler not to blow her cover).
    3. Chandler urges his sultry lover to come clean when a face from her past emerges with more memories of a Heather Lewis.
    4. Peter and Samantha travel to Napa Valley to seek blessing of an intractible grandfather (special guest star - Ricardo Montalban). Will his diapproval tear the two apart for good?
    5. Following his own advice to a boy in love, Jack rekindles the spark between himself and Gwen. Will she come to terms with her own feelings for Jack under the watchful eye of a gossip-hungry Heather?
    6. A young woman in injured when Jenny´s lies incite a wild and drunken brawl at the Pulse. Will David finally see the true Jenny?
    7. An announcement is made to the Williams clan and a nemesis returns to haunt Heather as all hell breaks loose on the ultimate guilty pleasure - ´Something Wicked This Way Comes´, the SERIES FINALE of TITANS


    (By Ian Glover) Samantha wakes up in bed and Peter is not there. He is meeting blackmailing Maureen who wants $50,000 to keep quiet. He threatens to ruin her dreams of becoming an actress through his family contacts in Hollywood if she ever tries to get more. He pays the money.

    Chandler and Heather are in a restaurant when the barman recognizes Heather as Heather Lewis. He insists that they went to the same high school in Pittsburgh, (not Cleveland as Heather had said). Heather denies everything, and leaves with Chandler immediately.

    Peter is just about to announce his engagement to Samantha at a board meeting when Samantha interrupts him to leave the office. He follows. Samantha says she's a traditional woman and was hoping he'd ask her grandfather for her hand in marriage first. They decide to leave for his vineyard in Napa Valley that night.

    Ethan is told by Faith that what they had is over and she goes off with another guy, Nick. Jack and Gwen are seen arguing about some land she's giving away. She's asks what this is 'really' about. Jack replies it's about how personally she has taken the fact that he was innocently hugging Heather, and asks 'What happened between us?'

    'She's 5ft 2, eyes of blue and sleeping in what used to be my bed!' She storms off.

    Samantha and Peter arrive at her grandfather's vineyard. It's not long before he tells Peter that if he thinks he is the right man for his grand-daughter then he is mistaken.

    Chandler goes back to the barman and asks him who he is and what is his business with Heather. He says he must have got her confused with some chick from Pittsburgh. Chandler threatens him that he'll be back if he's lying. He confronts Heather and she admits that her name was Heather Lewis but changed her name to get away from a bad childhood. Her step-dad beat her mother and she ran away to get a better life and it was then she met Richard.

    Laurie arranges a 'stadium band' Powerline to perform at the club, but Jenny, lying, tells the singer that there are plans to broadcast it on the internet for a fee. He is totally against it.

    Ethan goes to Jack for advice on women as he thinks he's a loser with women. Jack tells him that communication is the key. He himself lost track of a woman and regrets it to this day.

    Peter can't take anymore from Samantha's grandfather who tells him he would make a mockery of his wedding vows. Peter leaves saying they have no future.

    Jack tells Gwen 'We're afraid of us' before pasionately kissing her. She stays overnight with Jack. In the morning, Heather arrives and Smells Gwen's Chanel on Jack's tie. She leaves before Gwen tells Jack it was a mistake.

    Maureen turns up to see Peter for more money. He tells her the relationship is over so she has nothing on him now. Meanwhile, Samantha tells her grandfather she loves Peter and is going after him.

    David announces to the Pulse audience that the band won't be performing and fighting then breaks out in the club. The singer tells David they'd pulled out of the gig because of what Jenny had told him about the internet broadcast.

    Heather walks in on Jack. She guesses he was expecting Gwen and that he was with her last night.

    A drunken Peter returns to his room to find Maureen waiting for him. She starts to strip for him, but he falls asleep. Samantha arrives next morning and Peter has to hastily get rid of Maureen. Samantha tells him she wants to marry him no matter what anyone thinks.

    Heather meets Gwen in the lift saying she looks 'absolutely glowing' and that Jack had told her everything about the previous night's encounter. Gwen refuses to believe her tells her to stay out of her and her family's lives.

    Peter and Samantha announce their wedding at a family meal and Maureen turns up to congratulate Samantha much to Peter's horror.

    The series ends with Heather having another bad dream with her as a child. She awakes very distressed. She receives a phone call. The man's voice is the same one as the man in her nightmares. (By Ian Glover)