Titans: Season 1
She Stoops to Conquer

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Season: 1
Episode: 12
First Air Date: No US air date at this time (March 28, 2001 in the U.K.)
Writer: Antoinette Stella
Director: Anson Williams
# of times Chandler was shirtless: 3
# of scenes Peter was drinking: 1
# of times Jenny cried: 0
# of fights Jenny & Laurie had: 1
# of nightmares Heather had: 3
Jenny´s psychiatrist works at: Roxbury Medical Plaza
Williams Aviation´s No.1 competitor: Olympic Aerospace
Gwen´s favorite meal: Muscles in garlic sauce
Main Titans Theme: by Joseph Stanley Williams and Amye Williams
Opening theme: by Eddie Arkin (the same military-style music that opened the series in the pilot episode)
Special Musical Guest: an uncredited girl-band (performing live at the Pulse)

Guest Stars:

  • Garcelle Beauvais as Tina
  • Nick Kiriazis as Bryan
  • Brittney Powell as Maureen Keller
  • Katie Stuart as Faith
  • Mark L. Taylor as Tom
  • Rebecca Balding as Jenny´s psychiatrist
  • Gerald S. O´Louchlin as ?
  • Clement von Franckenstein as Edward
  • Julio Jose Herzer as Father Rodriguez
  • Michelle Holgate as Eve
  • Pierre Gonneau as Philippe
  • Matthew Senko as Reporter No.1
  • Eric Whitmore as Detective No.1
  • Billy Concha as as Detective No.2
  • J.D. Pardo as Nick
  • Kevin Fry as shadowy figure
  • Jessica Zweiman as young Heather
  • Our Rating: ?/10

    Fan Rating: 6/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


    (By Dusan Djurovic)

    1. Gwen pulls all stops in her battle against Heather when her decision threatens to soil the name of the Williams family forever and put more strain on her relatinship with Jack.
    2. A seductive competitor makes a play for a clueless Scott who inadvertantly puts the success of Chandler´s Flying Wing project into jeopardy.
    3. Jenny connives to lure David away from her sister, while Ethan finally learns how deceitful Faith really is.
    4. The word of God helps an uncertain Samantha to accept Peter´s proposal, but the return of Maureen overshadows their future together.
    5. Heather is troubled by her own secret past in a series of gruesome nightmares as she turns to Williams men for comfort and support.

    Synopsis #1:

    (By Pam L)

    Everyone finds out about Heather embezzeling the money from the charity for Chandler's airplane project. Jack wants to cover it up but Gwen calls the police. Jenny talks to a psychiatrist and comes up with the idea to set Laurie up with another man so she won't be interested in David anymore. The other man is Nick Kiriazis (you should see his hair LoL) but Jenny doesn't want Laurie to know she's being set up. Peter asks Sam to move in with him but she feels guilty because her religion doesn't allow it and she promised her mother she wouldn't live with someone before marriage. Peter follows Sam to a church and hears her talking to the priest. As Sam leaves the church Peter hides in a confession box and another priest asks for his confession.

    Earlier in the programme Scott met this woman at Pulse (the nightclub) and he calls her at work the next day and it turns out she works for a rival company. Heather has a nightmare about running and a man calling her name so I think the writers were going to do the same storyline they did with Gabi in Sunset Beach and explain the reason for her being so horrible. Peter proposed to Sam and she accepted (nice scene) but then as he was locking up for the night Maureen (the actress he hired to be his ex-girlfriend) came into the house and told him to pay her $50,000 otherwise she'd go to the press.

    Scott and Heather were talking and Scott told her that Tina must have looked at his e-mail and told her company about his and Chandler's project but Heather told him to stay friendly with Tina so he could spy on the competition but I think he might have ruined his chances because he was with Tina before talking to Heather and she got defensive with him.

    Faith cancelled a date with Ethan and he looked across at her house through his telescope and seen her kissing another guy.

    Jack told Gwen she hid behind her children and went home. Later Gwen followed him home but saw him hugging Heather. Heather was shaky and hugged him for comfort so there was nothing really going on between them. Then when Heather tried to explain that to Gwen in the garden, Gwen gave her a rose but cut the head of it LoL. The episode ended with Heather having another nightmare and Chandler comforting her.

    For the Sunset Beach fans Nick Kiriazis didn't have a scene with Jason Winston George or the character of Samantha who was originally supposed to be played by Priscilla Garita