Titans: Season 1

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Season: 1
Episode: 1
First Air Date: October 4, 2000
Ratings: 8.1/13 (4.8/13 among adults 18-49) (32nd overall)
Writer: Charles Pratt, Jr.
Director: Charles Correll
# of times Chandler was shirtless: 3
# of scenes Peter was drinking: 4
# of times Jenny cried: 3
Theme Song: "6 Underground" by Sneaker Pimps
Wedding Gown designer: Nolan Miller
Gwenís address: 6464 Beverly Drive
Night Club Name: Pulse
Williamsí family business: Williams Global Enterprises
Special Musical Guest: Box
Guest Stars:

  • Brody Hutzler as Billy Bastion
  • Elise Horn as Monica Bastion
  • Paul Tigue as Frank
  • Jim Morse as Controller
  • Christopher Micheal as Crewman
  • Jennifer Aquino as Ticket Agent
  • Robert Phelps as Minister
  • Clement von Franckenstein as Butler
  • Steve Bernie as Military Driver
  • Michael Kellick as Party Guest
  • Our Rating: 7/10

    Fan Rating: 8/10 (Average of all fan submitted ratings)


    Close your eyes and dream away... Overcome with passion a bikini clad brunette tries to silence her lover with a kiss. His bare-chested plea for her to stay with him forever is willfully ignored.

    Two months pass and adopted Chandler Williams (Casper Van Dien) top gun pilot, is on his way home to Beverly Hills with plans to trade in his Richard Gere dress whites for Wall Street chic. The loving son checks in with his beautiful mom (Gwen) before dashing off to his father Richardís (Perry King) engagement soiree.

    Thatís where we meet the dysfunctional siblings. Jenny (Elizabeth Bogush) is an ebulliently depressive recovering alcoholic, Laurie (Josie Davis) is the controlling one with good intentions; and Peter (John Barrowman) is the alcoholic with cruel intentions.

    Oh, yeah and thereís this woman Heather (Yasmine Bleeth) slinking around in a clingy tangerine dream of a dress, sheís the one who slept with Chandler and is planning a virginal white wedding with dear old dad. She wonít stop short of milking the fact that she was an adopted orphan or skinny-dipping in front of soon to be stepson Peter. Good thing heís more interested in financial assets, like the lack of a pre-nup.

    Luckily for Chandler not every beauty in his life should be marked with a skull and cross bones. Childhood playmate/tomboy Samantha Sanchez (Lourdes Benedicto) is opting for red power suits as opposed to the feather dusters that were her family legacy. A Latina Sabrina carrying a massive torch for the prodigal son while his brother pines for her.

    Speaking of torches the ones between the former Mr. and Mrs. Williams still havenít been doused. Richard canít resist a longing glance at Gwen in those sophisticated sweater sets. And, Gwen refuses to retract the Lee press-ons when it comes to defending her "decorating" skills to Heather.

    Meanwhile Gwenís wild offspring Jenny fell hard for Billy (Brody Hutzler) and his angelically addictive good looks. Concerned sis Laurie insisted he keep his tantalizing hands off, but that sent poor Jenny careening back to the bottle. Meeting Billyís wife was the finger that pushed this richie version of Julia in Mystic Pizza over the edge to automobile violence.

    As Chandlerís first couple of days back in the fold came to a close he had a new aviation job, a new bud Scott (Jason Winston George) and the woeful duty of walking step-witch down the aisle. Slithering in a backless halter gown (!) Heather whispers softly that- bam! as Emeril would say- sheís pregnant with Chandlerís baby.

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