Titans Bio:
Elizabeth Bogush

Titans Character: Jenny Williams

First Titans Episode:Pilot

Birth Date: September 24, 1977

Birth Place: New Jersey

About Jenny: The alcoholic daughter of Richard and Gwen, Jenny works at her mother's nightclub, Pulse and is in love with the club's manager, David. Jenny is the sister of Laurie, Peter, and Chandler.

About Elizabeth: (From Beth Bogush, Elizabeth's mother)

Liz and her family moved often throughout her childhood, living in places such as Charleston, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; and Boston, MA. She started studying acting at age 12 at the Academy Of The Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera. Liz moved to New York City at age 18 and studied at the William Esper Studio, and soon got her 1st job on Nickleodeon's "Adventures Of Pete & Pete". When she turned 20, she moved to Los Angeles and began working on shows including "The Profiler", "Beverly Hills 90210", & "Felicity", and played opposite Mario Lopez (A.C. Slater, Saved By The Bell) in the film "Eastside". She will soon be seen on NBC as "Jenny Williams" in the series "Titans". Liz lives with her husband of 6 months, Neil Shapiro who is a director of photography. They met while working together on a commercial for VISA called "keyhole".

About Elizabeth: (From NBC.com) "From the time I could walk, I was enrolled in a dance class," says Elizabeth Bogush, who stars as Jenny, the youngest of the wealthy Williams children on "Titans." Bogush, inspired by her mother, a former dancer who now heads the junior division at the Alvin Ailey School in New York, began her professional career as a dancer, joining the Boston Ballet when she was 14.

A New Jersey native, Bogush and her family moved to South Carolina, Pittsburgh, Boston and back to New Jersey during her adolescence. At 12, she took a dance class at the Civic Light Opera in Pittsburgh and was first exposed to acting. She took an acting class and auditioned for and got a role in "The Crucible."

She continued to dance and was invited to join the Boston Ballet company while she was living in Pittsburgh. She danced with the company for two years, before deciding at age 15 to pursue acting full time. She signed with the Elite modeling agency in New York and was sent to Tokyo where she worked for six months while living with family friends.

Even though she was accepted at Columbia University, Boston University, New York University and Simmons College, Bogush deferred college and instead moved to New York to study the Sanford Meisner acting technique at the William Esper Studio. During this time, she appeared in student films and was a regular on the Nickelodeon original series "The Adventures of Pete & Pete."

Bogush moved to Los Angeles on her 20 th birthday and volunteered at Cedars-Sinai Hospital until her acting schedule became too hectic. Her television credits include recurring roles on "Beverly Hills, 90210," "Felicity" and MTV's "Undress." She recently starred in the independent film "Eastside" with Mario Lopez.

While shooting a Super Bowl commercial ("Keyhole"), Bogush met her husband, Neal Shapiro, a director of photography. They were marrie d in January and live in Los Angeles.