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Episode 988: Future

Sebastian hurriedly slipped into his shoes and rushed to the front door despite warning himself to play it cool. He had the doorknob turned halfway before he hurriedly slipped off his shoes and sprawled on the sofa.

He flicked on the television doing his level best to appear engrossed in the baseball game.

“Bas, hey,” Ava said, stepping into the living room, suitcase still in hand. She smiled. It seemed genuine. “I’m home.”

“Oh, hey.” He smiled, too, that bit genuine. He’d been watching for her from the living room for much longer than necessary, much longer. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.” He stood and took the suitcase from her. “I should have come outside and carried this in for you, said hello to your dad.”

“He had to get to his office, sign papers or something, and I packed light, the suitcase wasn’t a struggle.”

“Well, I have it from here,” Sebastian said. He kissed her, a fairly long kiss, but he forced himself not to linger, instead, he walked away to deposit the suitcase in their bedroom.

When he returned, he found her seated on the sofa, Shelby, the cat, snuggled on her lap.

“You just missed a home run,” she informed him with a sheepish expression. “I should have taken care of my suitcase, you were watching this.”

“It’s fine.” He settled beside her. With a glance at the TV, noting the score for the first time, he said, “the right team is in the lead and as an added bonus, you’re here so I’m happy.”

Ava smiled, still genuine. “I’m glad to see you, too, especially like this.” She eyed him, her gaze gentle. “I was worried about you, worried how you would handle my extending that trip with my dad.”

“I told you on the phone I understood. He took his friend’s death hard and you thought it might help to spend some quality time with him. I get that. Did it work?”

“Yeah, I think so. I just, I was kind of afraid that in helping him, it might hurt you. I was worried you’d think I was staying away to leave you, that I’d find you here in the dark, not having eaten or slept and-”

“You really think I’m messed up, don’t you?” He frowned.

“I think you’re human and insecurity can be a big deal for humans. It’s been a big deal for you, so I was relieved to see you in such a relaxed state when I got here, you were just kicked back watching a ballgame.”

“I told you, I understood why you stayed away longer than planned.” But he hadn’t understood deep down. He had panicked, just like she’d thought. He’d been afraid she wouldn’t come back. He’d driven himself crazy for days. She couldn’t know that. If she knew he really was a mess, who would want to stick around for that? No one. So his plan was to fake it until he made it, until he stopped feeling jealous, threatened, like his marriage could collapse at any moment. If he projected confidence about their relationship surely he’d believe it eventually. They’d have a future.

“So,” Ava asked. “Does this mean you got in touch with your mom about a therapist?”

Episode 989: Shake It

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