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Episode 989: Shake It

“It’s so weird,” Tansy said, running a soapy sponge along the opposite side of the car from where Xavier stood doing the same.

He’d told her washing cars was part of his job at the garage, she didn’t need to help, especially since it was the summer and she should be out having fun. But Tansy had taken up a sponge anyway, saying she didn’t mind. She seemed to want to talk and he wasn’t about to deter that, particularly since the talk involved her grandfather, a situation he’d been told to keep an eye on, and Enid played a part in it, too, someone she definitely could stand to talk about.

“My grandpa was so not a dog person and now he’s like, devoted to Walter thanks to Enid. She’s amazing.”

The moment the words flew out of her mouth, Tansy’s gaze collided with Xavier’s, turning slightly panicked. “I mean she’s awesome at advocating for animals.”

“Walter’s lucky to have such a solid friend in his corner,” Xavier said.

“Yep,” Tansy replied.

“I seem to recall that Enid said she’d be just your friend, too, so maybe-”

“Uncle Sebastian!” Tansy dropped the sponge and raced over to greet her uncle as if his surprise appearance was the best news ever.

“Nice to see you, too, Tansy. You haven’t been this hyped up to see me since you were a little kid.”

“I don’t get to see my favorite uncle all that often.”

“He’s your only uncle,” Xavier pointed out. The older the kid got, at best she felt lukewarm towards her mostly absent uncle. Plus, she’d somehow overheard all the drama about Bas trying to use her mom to get Xavier out of town and he doubted Tansy had actually moved on from that so quickly. So yeah, Xavier didn’t believe Tansy was happy to see her uncle, so much as she was happy to pull back from the Enid conversation.

“I’d love to catch up, find out what fun stuff you’ve been up to this summer,” Sebastian claimed. “But first I need to talk to Xavier for a minute if you don’t mind leaving us alone.”

Xavier saw Tansy immediately return to herself, shaking off the fact that she probably didn’t want to get back to precisely what they’d been talking about, yet, hands on her hips, she stated, “we were in the middle of a conversation, I’m not going anywhere, especially not if you’re here to bribe or con or threaten Xavier into leaving.”

Episode 990: Switch

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