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Episode 986: Shock Me

“Walter!” Phillip figured he had said that name fifty times since they’d walked from the hire car parked curbside, into the lobby, up in the elevator, past other offices, his secretary, and finally reached semblance of calm behind Phillip’s closed office door.

He let Walter off the leash, the dog immediately sniffing every nook and cranny.

“You are a lot more than I counted on,” Phillip said when Walter scooted over to him for a pat. Walter seemingly required a pat every two minutes. “How you’ve survived so long in your lonely shelter life is a puzzle.”

Phillip scratched Walter’s neck. “I suppose the staff were good to you. Was Enid nice? Did you like Enid?” He felt silly for questioning a dog as though he could understand and answer, although Walter did wag his tail at the mention of Enid’s name.

“You’re just a happy fellow, aren’t you? You’d wag your tail at anything. You can’t tell me whether Enid is friend or foe to our girl, can you?” More tail wagging.

Phillip shrugged and headed for his desk chair, setting to work as Walter padded over, dropping into a furry lump at Phillip’s feet. Moments later, Phillip’s secretary let him know his granddaughter had arrived and the instant Tansy walked in the door, Walter, predictably, was up and barreling towards Tansy, leaving the girl only just enough time to shut the door.

Tansy went down on her knees, taking Walter’s licks with better humor than her grandmother had. In fact, it was more humor and joy than he’d seen from Tansy in a long time. Perhaps Walter would prove beneficial in more ways than he’d anticipated.

“Hello,” Tansy crooned to Walter. “What’s your na- hey, wait, Walter?”

Much tail wagging ensued.

“Grandpa?” Tansy got to her feet. “Why is Walter here? He didn’t run away from the shelter, did he? Everyone must be worried sick. I mean, he’s kind of high maintenance with getting into mischief and always wanting cuddles, it’s been hard to get him adopted out but everyone at the shelter really does love him. I’m so glad somebody scooped him up before something happened.”

She eyed Phillip, her expression a mix of confusion and gratitude. “It’s weirdly nice of you to let him be in here.”

“Nice, I suppose, but necessity, too. Walter hasn’t quite… adjusted to his new home with us, nor have your grandmother and the household staff adjusted to having a rambunctious pet around.”

“A pet? You have a pet. Did April fools move to a new moth? You adopted Walter?”

Episode 987: Champion

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