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Episode 987: Champion

“Walter was a spur of the moment decision,” her grandfather admitted.

“That’s dumb.” Tansy frowned at him. “You should never decide to adopt a pet on the spur of the moment, you need to think it through, do your research, make sure you and the pet are a good fit for one another.” She pointed a stabbing finger at her grandfather. “You better not be one of those people who commits to a dog one week then returns him the next. I hate those people. Don’t make me hate you.”

“I’m accustomed to my family having short fuses where I’m concerned, but I have no intention of setting off yours.”

“I don’t care what you intend,” Tansy said. “It’s what you actually do that matters. Walter is precious and he’s been treated the opposite by way too many people. You cannot be one of those people. I will never forgive you.”

Her grandpa got up from his chair and came around the desk to where Tansy stood with Walter. He crouched down, petting Walter as the dog so very much loved. Her grandpa didn’t seem to care about his suit wrinkling or dog hair gathering on it. Huh.

“I would never forgive myself if I let him down,” her grandpa said. He rose up to his full height once more. “You’re right, adopting him on the spur of the moment, I wasn’t prepared for the… level of effort required. But, by the time I did realize it, it was too late to do anything differently. I surprised myself in growing so fond of him so quickly. Caring for a pet is extremely new to me, it’s a steep learning curve that I doubt I’ll figure out anytime soon, but I promise you, Walter isn’t going anywhere, your grandmother and I are his forever home.”

“Good.” Tansy crossed her arms. “You better mean that. How did Walter even end up with you? It really, really doesn’t make sense, the two of you. He is literally a mutt, and you’re not exactly the type to champion an actual underdog.”

“My accountant suggested that I increase my charitable donations for tax purposes. I did contribute to a number of organizations in addition to those I’m already involved with, but, after doing so, on the way home, I remembered your animal shelter and how lovingly you’d spoken of the animals. I thought, I’m nearby, why not add one last charity to the list. I didn’t stop in there with anything else on my mind other than to write a check. But, your old co-worker, Enid, is quite the persuasive salesperson.”

“She’s not selling the animals. That sounds like she conned you, Enid would never do that. She’d never pair them with anyone for any reason other than the right reason.”

“You are quite the staunch defender,” her grandpa pointed out. “You must think very highly of her, yet you did stop working alongside her. Is there something I should know about her? After all, she is the reason I am responsible for Walter.”

Episode 988: Future

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