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Episode 98: She's Got You

Sebastian knocked softly almost wishing no one would answer, this was more formal than he could stand. He figured he was in about sixth grade the last time he picked a girl up at home. His palms were actually sweating that was the kind of thing that happens to Taro.

"Hello," the woman at the door said clearly hostile and wiped her hand on her old jeans before offering it to him. "Sorry I was baking and I wasnít really prepared for company Avalon just sprung this on me at the very last minute, all of this."

"Thatís my fault Iím sure." Bas replied, mentally rolling his eyes. "Can I come in or are you guarding the palace gate, keeping out the riff raff and all that?"

Mary stepped aside watching him peruse the place. "Iím sure Avalon wouldnít mind meeting you at your car if thatís where youíd be more comfortable, now if youíll excuse me I was in the middle of something, it was nice to meet you Sebastian,"

Sebastian smiled at her; it wasnít a kind smile. "Yeah, same here, and you donít have to worry, Iím pretty comfortable, Iíve been here before or didnít Avalon tell you that?"

As Mrs. Lubin escaped to the sanctity of the kitchen, Ava walked out of her bedroom still tossing around her hair to make it less styled until she noticed Sebastian all alone in the room. "Whereís my mom, you didnít say anything ridiculous to her did you?

"I was on my best behavior for you beautiful." He grinned sheepishly. "You know you two may not look a whole lot alike but you both would be pretty happy if you found my head on a platter."

Episode 99: Do You Want To Play

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