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Episode 99: Do You Want To Play

"Come on smile," Bas had his fingers stretched from one side of her mouth to the other playfully tugging at her. "Wooing," he sighed. "The girl wanted wooing and now shes all get away from me. I would have taken her to Paris but we know how she would have said I was evil for spending money. I even was kind enough to tell her mother that Id have her back by the end of the week and this is the thanks I get."

"You better not have," Avalon answered jabbing him in the stomach this was the first time shed smiled naturally. She was just so uncomfortable with everything.

"So, what do you feel like doing, a poetry reading, um, foreign film about cooking-" Sebastian was walking backwards so that he could face her, he loved to look at her. His feet almost slipped off the back of the curb he would have landed in the path of a speeding car if she hadnt reached out to grab him.

"Well I know I dont feel like seeing you go splat," Avalon laughed nervously, relieved.

"My hero," he said, clutching his heart mockingly before giving her a more serious kiss than they had ever shared before. "The restaurant is just up here; they have the best calamari,"

"Ive only got jeans on, Im hardly prepared for anything fancy, I thought you said this was going to be a simple night out you know a bad horror flick and popcorn," she complained pulling back when he took her hand.

"Anything you wear is completely unnecessary as far as Im concerned," he teased her, his dimples outshining all of the streetlamps on that busy corner.

Episode 100: What A Good Boy

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