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Episode 967: Rude

“Bowie? Lila? Hey, um, what brings you by this morning?” Ava asked, surprised to find their friends at the door. “Come in.” She stepped aside and then closed the door.

Unease flooded her. She did have the day off from the book store, trusting it to Sebastian to head out to take care of it any minute now. But she’d taken the day off to prepare her case for telling Xavier the truth, not because she’d agreed to hang out with friends. Unless she’d been too distracted to even realize what she’d said yes to?

She wasn’t ready for this. She needed time to figure out how to gently broach the subject with them. How would she spend casual time with Bowie and Lila this morning, knowing she had this bombshell she intended to drop on them.

“Did we make plans? Because actually there was something else I needed to go and do today, I’m sorry, I-”

“We need to talk,” Bowie said, his voice far chillier than she ever recalled it being towards her.

“Is something wrong?” Ava asked. What if Bowie was already upset with something and she piled on with her decision to tell Xavier?

“You’re what’s wrong,” Lila snarled and poked Ava’s shoulder for good measure.

“Lila,” Bowie said.

“What? It’s true. All three of us agree, that’s why we’re here to do an intervention on her wrongness. Though, I mean, it should be easy for anyone to figure out on their own that ripping away someone’s child is not cool, it’s downright-”

“Lila,” Bowie repeated, his voice sharp.

“What are you talking about? When would I ever rip away someone’s child?” Ava asked, completely baffled until Sebastian joined them in the entryway, seemingly not dressed to go in to the book store. “You told them? You knew I wanted to approach this delicately, to explain. I can’t believe you undermined that, you took away the chance for this to be a civil conversation.”

“Newsflash, Ava.” Lila crossed her arms. “Don’t blame your husband, this could never be a civil conversation.”

Episode 968: A Little Less Conversation

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