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Episode 968: A Little Less Conversation

“Are you going somewhere?” Sebastian asked, his stomach whirling as he watched his wife shrug into her coat. He leaned his back against the wall feeling woozy. It had seemed like a good idea at the time when he’d asked Bowie to stop by this morning, he’d figured if anyone could talk Ava out of further contact with Xavier, it was her best friend. But Sebastian hadn’t counted on Ava looking at him now like he’d betrayed her. He’d just called for reinforcements, that’s all. “Can’t we just talk about this?”

“That’s what I wanted to do,” Ava said. “But the three of you decided to ambush me on a morning when someone is supposed to be opening the store, you remember that thing you said you were going to do today Sebastian, but clearly you have no intention of doing.”

Avalon stepped to the door only for Lila to step in front of it. “You’re not going anywhere, not until you promise to keep your mouth shut, Ava.”

“I won’t make that promise, I can’t, and I am leaving. If you’d all given me some notice I could have made other arrangements for the store, but I can’t, so I have to go, that store is our livelihood.”

“The boys are my life,” Bowie quietly asserted.

Sebastian discreetly pumped his fist, that was exactly the kind of heart-tugging statement that could maybe make a difference. It was something he should have pointed out the night before, but it was tough for Bas to argue on Jesse’s behalf, when he couldn’t really get past how this might affect him personally. It was the totally selfish response, Bas knew that. But uniting this guy with his kid, what if that created an emotional bond that even being her husband couldn’t compete with? Especially when she seemed mad as hell at him for calling Bowie and Lila.

“I’m sorry I don’t have time for the conversation I want this to be, but we will talk, really talk, before I do anything, I promise.” Ava hugged Bowie. He didn’t hug her back.

“Just do me a favor, all of you,” Ava said. “think about how you’d feel if you had a child you were never given the chance to know.”

All Sebastian could think of was the child he may never have with Avalon if all of this pushed her back into Xavier’s arms.

Episode 969: Red

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