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Episode 965: Tornado

“Why have you been acting so weird all night?” Lila asked the moment her youngest son threw in the towel on the romantic comedy she’d chosen for them to watch.

She’d chosen that movie on purpose, knowing it would send him off to bed sooner. She loved her kid, loved spending time with her boys more than she ever would have imagined. But something was up with her husband.

Ever since she got home, all through dinner, Bowie had been quiet and skittish looking, tapping his fingers on the counter, the table, and the arm of the sofa. It was so annoying, and unnerving.

“I’m not being weird,” Bowie claimed. “Just finish your movie, you’re enjoying it. You should enjoy yourself on Valentine’s day. I do need to talk to you about something, but it can wait.”

“Can it though? You’re, like, right on the verge of being a basketcase. So, no, I’m not enjoying the movie like this. What is your deal tonight, Bo? Is it Valentine’s Day? Do you think I hated the flowers? Do you think I expected something shinier or pricier? I really am trying to be better about that. I like the flowers. They’re bright and colorful. I’m happy with the flowers. Really. You don’t need to apologize or whatever you think you need to do after the movie. I love the flower and I love you, I’m not angry or disappointed, so smile.”

“I can’t. I wish I could. I wish we didn’t need to have this conversation.” Bowie washed a hand over his face.

Lila drew her legs up on to the sofa cushion and wrapped her arms around them. “I was okay when I thought you were worried that I was back to my old shallow self. But you’re kind of stressing me out now. Is Jesse sick again? Did Mrs. Marques call, I-”

“No, no, he’s fine. Physically he’ll be fine.”

Lila wasn’t mollified by that response. “What do you mean? Physically, he’ll be fine? What’s that about? Someone’s going to hurt him emotionally?”

Bowie shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. Bas called. He said,” Bowie paused for a breath. “He said Xavier went to see Ava and now she’s considering telling him about Jesse.”

“Just when I thought there was no reason to hate her!” Lila sprang to her feet.

Episode 966: Hurt

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