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Episode 966: Hurt

“Can’t you drive faster?” Lila asked from the passenger seat. “How do we know that the early bird isn’t being a worm as we speak?”

“Bas said she wouldn’t move on this until she talked to us. There’s no sense speeding, especially when it’s icy.” Bowie steered the car through the quiet neighborhood as he added, “Besides, you could stand to cool down a bit before we get there.”

“You and Bas said we should wait until morning to confront her, when we’re not so wound up, we’ll make more headway if we don’t scream at her. Well, I had all night to cool down and it didn’t happen. It’s not going to happen until your so-called friend promises to keep her mouth shut about our business.”

“It isn’t just our business.”

“Seriously? What does that mean? You agree with her? You want-”

“I’m just saying that must be her reasoning. She’s probably thinking it’s what’s fair, and thinking of the situation with her own dad, how he didn’t know about her-”

“Yeah, well, her dad is a responsible billionaire, not a rock star drug addict, and Jesse already has the best dad, the last thing he needs is to trade you in for that mess.”

Bowie said nothing in response.

“What’s with the silent treatment?” Lila asked. “Are you sure you don’t agree with her? We need this to be three against one when we talk to her or we won’t stand a chance of-”

“I’m with you. I just, when you said that thing about Jesse trading me in, it kind of knocked the wind out of me for a minute.”

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I should have thought. That was a horrible thing to put out there.” Lila leaned over, resting her head on his shoulder as he pulled to a stop against the curb in front of Ava and Sebastian’s home. “I’m so sorry. You have more reason than anyone to feel freaked over this. Why would Ava do this to you? You’ve been friends for so long and this is the thanks you get. Total disloyalty.”

“She’s not disloyal, she-”

“She is, she’s choosing him over us. It doesn’t make sense, that guy ditched her in the worst way and still, she rates him higher than anyone, including her husband.”

“It’s not that way, I’m sure it’s not that way. We can’t think that way or we’ll go in there hurt and angry and who knows what will be said, probably nothing that makes this better.”

Episode 967: Rude

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