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Episode 964: There's Your Trouble

“Hey, pal, I didn’t know you had a big Valentine’s date,” Bowie noted, pausing from his dinner prep when Jesse wandered into the kitchen. “You’re putting me to shame dressed like that. Do me a favor and don’t let your mom see you like that or she’ll be even more inclined to think flowers and a movie on the sofa don’t measure up to everyone else’s Valentine’s plans.”

“Anything short of the Taj Mahal won’t meet mom’s expectations. She always had weirdly expensive taste for someone who’s never had a ton of money,” Jesse pointed out with a laugh as he grabbed a green apple from the bowl on the table.

“That is one of your mom’s more aggravating quirks.” Bowie smiled. “But she tries to be better about that sort of thing. And I can’t help loving her anyway. So, tell me about your girl’s quirks.”

“I don’t have a girl,” Jesse said, crunching into the apple.

“Right, your generation doesn’t like to put labels on things. This is just, what do you call it, a hang? Tell me about who you’re hanging with someplace fancy on Valentine’s day? I’m happy you’ve met another girl you like.”

“It’s not a big deal, Dad, and I haven’t met anyone, it’s Caroline.”

Bowie took a deep breath. He did not want to accuse his son of anything, but he wouldn’t let this go without another fatherly warning, either. “Did she break up with her boyfriend?”

“It’s not like that,” Jesse bit into the apple again. He appeared to swallow hard.

“You’re going out with someone else’s girlfriend on Valentine’s day, wearing a suit jacket you only break out for weddings.”

“It’s just this thing at a museum, Caroline was talking about it, so I said we should go. Her little sister will probably tag along, too. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Bowie wasn’t so sure about it as his son left for his night out, he was worried. He worried even more when Sebastian called him.

Episode 965: Tornado

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