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Episode 960: Secret

ďIs it okay? Meeting here? I mean, I know your husband doesnít know Iím your daughter.Ē Ava couldnít stop feeling like coming to her biological mother with her problem was a mistake. Truthfully, she was seeking excuses to walk right out the door.

ďMy husband is away on business,Ē Sarette said.

She touched Avaís shoulder. ďI know it must seem horrible to you that I still havenít told him about you, like Iím ashamed, but I swear thatís not the case. You are a smart, kind person, and thatísÖ Itís such a credit to the mother who raised you. And Iím always so impressed with what youíre doing as a businesswoman, all these ideas you devise for your store. I am nothing but proud of you. My husband though, heís very conservative, and Iím just afraidÖ I know itís my own fault that Iím in this situation, the choice I made, I donít want to lose the person Iíve spent most of my adult life with, the father of my son, but at the same time, I know continuing to keep you a secret is alienating for you, it further hurts any chances of us getting closer. I donít expect you to feel sorry for me, I just want it understood that it isnít easy to keep it quiet, it isnít a decision Iíve made at all lightly. Itís just a really, really difficult thing to know how to handle.Ē

ďIím, um, having some experience with handling difficult things myself,Ē Ava admitted.

ďThatís why you wanted to meet today?Ē

Ava nodded and she finally removed her scarf and coat after a good long while of Sarette holding out her hands to take them.

Tears swelled in Avaís eyes. ďIím really struggling with something here. Itís related to what I asked before the wedding, about the guilt you feel for keeping me a secret from my dad.Ē

Episode 961: Brave

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