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Episode 96: Sunny Day

She was just fifteen and couldnít fill out her new pink string bikini anywhere near the way sheíd like. Still at least she wasnít one of those pruney gravity victims that sheíd seen on the Costa del Sol last weekend. Sheís spending nights praying not to wind up like them.

She had seen him. Watched him from her window as he coolly lay down on the lounge chair and somehow managed to tip it over. She had been thinking about him ever since the party. "I hope its warm out here, I hate goose pimples, and I definitely need the tanning time, I was the only girl in Ibiza who didnít look good in white, see they have these huge raves and...

He wasnít listening to her, he was puzzling over how to get the radio to turn on, and there was a Barenaked Ladies simulcast that he wanted to hear. "Does this need batteries or what?"

"Thatís easy," she said flicking a switch on the side. "I mean, itís easy if you already knew," she reached across to the table. "Would you mind putting some of this sunscreen on my back? I burn, and then it flakes and my skin isnít as soft as it normally is, itís a real drag."

Taroís mouth screwed up in an awkward uncomfortable silence just as Phillip walked outside. "Put some clothes on Adria, youíre not two years old anymore," he ordered.

"Thatís not what you think ninety-eight percent of the time," she replied and dove in the water.

Phillip shook his head and grimaced inquisitively in Taroís direction. "Iím just waiting for Sebastian sir, he told me to meet him here, oh, about an hour ago now, uh, sir, itís not safe for her to be sitting cross-legged at the bottom like that, is it?"

"Sheíll be back up when she runs out of air, and youíll be gone then, wonít you son? Go find Sebastian and play with someone your own age," Phillip strongly advised.

Episode 97: This Woman Needs

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