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Episode 97: This Woman Needs

Justine drew up behind her husband wrapping her arms around his bare torso. Her fingers blindly fumbled for the button on his Leviís. He reluctantly moved her hands and rummaged through the drawer for a clean shirt, neither of them were too adept or eager for laundry.

"Itís your day off, you donít have to get dressed," she cooed.

He faced her and gave her a long kiss. "Thereís nothing Iíd like better but you know I have to help Tal find a used car, remember I told you she broke down on the bridge and some guy shook his fist at her, can you believe that?"

Justine sulked off and sank onto the end of the bed. "What I canít believe is why your sister doesnít just get a real job already?"

"Well, that was nice and Marques, itís really hard to tell that your mother has been around here lately," he said and walked into the bathroom, and she followed behind him.

"What is that supposed to mean? Youíre the one who invited her, I think you should be happy that weíre on better terms," she said, pulling in her lower lip.

"Maybe I would be if I could walk into my bathroom and recognize the toothpaste, I donít know what any of this stuff is, is that the bar of soap? I donít know, maybe itís the shaving cream." He complained, then splashed his face with cold water.

"My mother is only trying to be kind, sheís giving me some of the things Iím used to, how is that any different from our freezer being full of your motherís lasagna?" She asked her voice lowering on the temperature scale to an icy chill.

"Itís different Justine, itís totally different and before you would have known that," he dried his face with the pink foliage towel and dropped it on the counter.

Episode 98: She's Got You

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