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Episode 958: Your Song

“Ready to come up for air?” Ryley asked, as he set two glasses of champagne on the coffee table.

“Ugh,” Adria said, suddenly aware of how much time had passed since she’d sat down to look at scripts and other details for the production she may mount for the grand re-opening of the theater.

“See, this is what I’ve been talking about, getting so wrapped up in theater stuff that I’m myopic.” She shook her head and shut the laptop along with the folders she had scattered about.

“This has always been an important day for us, more than just New Year’s Eve and I’m focused on other things. This is why I was hesitant about doing this, about taking on such a big project. Look at how quickly my priorities have gotten out of whack.”

Ryley shook his head. “Your priorities are just fine. It feels like we’ve had this conversation ninety five times, but you know what, that’s fine, we’ll keep having it until you believe it, like I do.”

“I believe that I have spent this entire night neglecting you and our daughter.”

“You haven’t. Did you or did you not have franks and beans with us, which our girl insisted was the happiest meal for every occasion. You even made a comment about that, didn’t you?”

“That she inherited your taste buds.”

“Right, and you couldn’t have commented on that if you hadn’t been present for it. And this wouldn’t exist if you’d been too busy working to see her fall asleep face first into the cake.”

He showed Adria the photo on his phone of her laughing to the point of tears when their daughter lifted up her head.

“That was pretty great, especially her giggles when she realized what had happened. She has the best laugh.”

“And you were right there to hear it, and see it, you were there with us, no neglect involved.”

“I didn’t help put her to bed-”

“You will. When I need you to pick up the slack because I’m swamped, you’ll be there. That’s the luxury of having a partner in this parenting thing.”

“I have made you say that a lot, huh?” Adria said, and she smiled, which he took as a good sign. “Are you sure you don’t want to celebrate the anniversary of meeting someone else, someone less annoying?”

“You,” he paused to kiss her and hand her a champagne flute, clinking his against hers. “You are exactly my kind of annoying.”

Episode 959: One Way or Another

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