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Episode 959: One Way or Another

The ladies, a surprisingly diverse group of ages, lingered for some time after the first, seemingly successful meeting of their group. Some simply stood around, further discussing that Saturdayís topics, such as their goals and mantras for the new year and layout ideas for their new journals, while others kept Avalon and Sebastian hopping, ringing up sales for books, journal supplies and chai tea.

Ava was pleased that it had all come together, between this group and the book club, it appeared that adding a social gathering element just might be the thing that saved them from going the way of so many other bookstores.

It might be one less worry on her plate, the guilt of not letting Xavier know about Jesse weighed on her more than enough, so much so that more than once sheíd contemplated asking for her birth momís advice on the matter. Which would be just insane and, and disrespectful to her actual mom to let this other woman in like that?

ďAvalon? Ava, dear? Are you alright?Ē A sweet elderly woman named Doris, the last member of the group to depart as the bookstore neared closing, pressed a hand over Avaís.

ďOh, um, sorry, itís been a long day, I guess my mind drifted, Iíll ring you up right away, I see your lovely husband over there, waiting to take you home.Ē

As Ava tallied the books and pretty pen set Doris had selected, Doris said, ďnow I realize I might look like a doddering old fool, but Iím savvy enough to realize increased foot traffic in your store was the impetus for our group. And Iím happy thatís working out for you, but I want you to know youíre also doing a good thing here, I found that meeting so inspiring and encouraging, everyone cheerleading each other like that, to really take on the new year, whether itís an ambition or a hobby or, if youíre struggling with something, sometimes it really helps to bounce it off others, get that push from someone one way or another.Ē

Episode 960: Secret

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