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Episode 946: Last To Know

Once again they would attempt to be married on the clifftop and Lila had high hopes that this time her friends would pull it off, especially since her burgeoning business needed more events under its belt.

Ava, always concerned about everything had wanted to be sure Lila was okay with them going back to the location of her son’s collapse, but Jesse was fine now, so Lila was fine, too.

Given the time of year, this time they’d opted for a tent to accommodate any bad weather, though they could open a flap behind the altar if the weather held and have a sunset backdrop perfect for photos.

“So,” Lila said, “we have flameless candles to light the aisle again since you loved that before. And, I tied some white silk ribbon to the chairs since they seemed like they needed some fancying up. There’s been a bit of a snafu with the flowers, but your- Sarette and I, we’re working on it. Anyway, everything is really under control, I swear. But I thought you should have a look around, decide if there’s anything you want added or taken away? So...”

Lila waited and waited for Ava to say something, to not appear as if she were trapped in a battle in her own head. “What on earth is with you? You’re not supposed to be all angsty this time. You can’t be questioning it when you’re already married. Can you?”

“Is everything okay?” Tansy asked when he picked up. She’d waited several days to get in touch with him, worried that he’d get on her case for not following through on their deal. But after a while not hearing from him, her worry switched from herself to him.

“I’m fine. You?” He was monotone. Not fine. Nope.

Tansy hugged her knees as she asked, “did you talk to her?”

“Yep.” He sighed.

“Mom told me I have to get dressed for the wedding soon, so, um, it didn’t go okay?”

“She dropped a bombshell on me.”

“Did she say… she hates you?” Tansy feared Enid felt that way about her by now.

“No, it was more surprising than that. She said-” Tansy heard him suck in a breath. “She said she’s already married. I was too late. Don’t be too late, Tansy, it doesn’t feel good.”

Episode 947: No Myth

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