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Episode 947: No Myth

They’d decided to change things up a little from the last time, a superstitious effort to ensure a better outcome. Avalon would dress at home, drive to the venue and do any necessary touch-ups there.

Lila had wanted to enlist what she termed a glam squad, but Ava had refused, in no mood to interact beyond what was demanded. Her mind was overrun with thoughts lately, wondering if she’d handled the Xavier situation correctly. She didn’t want this room abuzz with hair and makeup chitchat with the expectation that she participate in the conversation, she’d had enough trouble just keeping up with anything Lila, Bowie or even Sebastian said in recent days.

“I’ll get that,” Lila said when they heard the doorbell. “And after I get rid of whoever it is, I’m fixing you some kind of little snack, maybe it will help you get your head in the game.”

Avalon wasn’t alone with her moral quandary for more than two minutes when a gentle knock came at the door and Ava’s biological mother stepped into the bedroom.

“Lila said it would be alright if I came in here for a moment,” Sarette said. “I just stopped by to let you know that the flowers arrived and everything looks beautiful, there’s nothing more to worry about.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks.” But Ava did still have plenty of worries.

“You’re welcome, honey,” Sarette replied. “Anything else you need ever, big or small, just ask. And on that note, I should get going, leave you to your prep, not that you need it, you’re a beautiful bride as is.”

“Lila would have me drawn and quartered if I walked the aisle bare-faced in a robe, so yeah, you’re right, I better get on with it.”

“Well, I am looking forward to seeing your dress,” Sarette admitted before biting her lower lip. “If it’s still okay with you that I attend? I understand if you’ve changed your mind.”

“It’s fine.” Avalon had so many other things on her mind that Sarette hardly registered.

“I’m so glad,” Sarette said. “Your- my son will be coming with me. So...” She seemed reluctant to leave. “I’ll be on my way.”

Sarette turned away and suddenly Ava was the one reluctant for her to go. It occurred to her that Sarette’s experience might prove helpful. “Can I ask you something?”

Sarette didn’t hesitate to walk back towards Ava. “Absolutely. Ask me whatever you want.”

“I need an honest answer, advice really, in the form of your honesty. I need to know about you keeping my dad in the dark about me? How you feel about it now? How you felt about it then? Don’t just tell me what you think I want to hear, I need truth, I need to know what to do.”

Episode 948: In These Arms

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