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Episode 936: Getting To Know You

Avalon nodded to Sarette as she rung up a customer with a stack of paperbacks. Two more people waited in line. Sarette decided not to linger in case it made Ava feel like she had to hurry with her customers.

She wandered over to the fiction section. She didn’t read nearly as much as she’d like, there always seemed to be one society thing or another that she had commitments to and lately there had been the matter of working with the wedding planner to secure the most beautiful floral arrangements for the early autumn ceremony and reception. Not that she minded staying busy and she certainly didn’t mind playing a small role in pulling off her daughter’s wedding.

She did regret that all her time on the flowers had been spent with Lila, but, as Lila had explained, wedding details weren’t really Ava’s thing, she wanted a nice special day of course, but her passion was much more with books and in particular, keeping her book business alive. It had been good talking with Lila, between Lila and Cal, Sarette thought she had a better grasp on how to possibly forge something of a relationship with her daughter. She hoped.

By the time Ava caught up with her in one of the fiction aisles, Sarette had amassed such a stack of options that she had to set them on the floor rather than lug them around.

“If those are for my sake,” Ava said. “It’s very nice of you to help out, I do appreciate the thought, but we’re okay here, we don’t need charity, and honestly, I’m a bit weird about books, it bothers me to think they’ll be bought yet unread and unloved.”

“You don’t need to worry about it, I will read them.”

“That’s a lot of books.”

“Yes, I guess maybe, too many, I doubt I’ll ever return to the reading pace of my teens. But, it seems while I haven’t been reading as much, some old favorites have been busy writing, and I couldn’t choose so I thought why not be ambitious. Maybe a giant stack is the push I need to read more regularly. I promise this purchase isn’t about charity, books were my first love, you know?”

Ava shook her head, her expression skeptical. “I didn’t know that. This really isn’t just something you invented to ingratiate yourself with me?”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”

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