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Episode 937: Hurt

“Oh my gosh,” Enid practically jumped up and down with excitement when she and Tansy suddenly stood face to face for the first time in months.

Tansy didn’t know what to do. A big part of her wanted to run away but she also understood the desire to jump up and down.

She didn’t know what to do.

Once Enid registered that, she wasn’t so bouncy with excitement anymore. They stood there a moment, looking at each other while other people streamed past, headed to the bathrooms or the vendors lining the beach.

“I’m sorry about Christmas,” Enid ventured. “I’ve tried a million ways to talk to you, phone and text and even your mom. Are you mad I talked to her? I’m sorry, I was just upset and it poured out. Did she tell you? Do you hear or read any of my messages? It’s okay if you want to be just friends. I can be just friends. I’ve missed you so much, I-”

“I have to go.” Tansy charged forward. “My family is waiting.”

“Okay. Okay. The animals miss you, too,” Enid called out. “You could come back. You should come back. We were best friends, right?”

Tansy hurried along. She did not look back. She didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t know if she wanted to be friends again. She didn’t know if she could be friends again. Why couldn’t everything be simple like when she was little, before the kids at school turned on her, before that moment with Enid had confused everything.

Tears blurred Tansy’s vision, followed by a big “oomph” whooshing out of her as she collided with someone.

“You didn’t even see me coming? You’re that upset?” Xavier asked. “I saw what happened. I’m on my way to grab hot dogs for everyone, come with? It looked like she was headed that way, maybe you can bump into her again, have a do-over.”

“Does it look like I want to bump into her again?” Tansy gestured at her watery eyes.

“I’m not sure.” He adjusted the ballcap he always wore in crowded places where he didn’t want to run the risk of being recognized. Tansy wished she had worn a ballcap. “Are the tears because you missed her or because you never wanted to see her again?”

He gently steered her over to a quiet spot away from all the people.

“I don’t know,” Tansy whispered.

Xavier nodded. “I know it isn’t the same thing, but Lucy and I don’t know what to do about each other either. That’s why I volunteered to get the food. I wanted her here, but at the same time, it’s confusing, I’m never sure what I want her as, a friend or a girlfriend and she’s stuck the same way.”

“Are you afraid you’ll hurt her? Because you can’t decide what to do?” Tansy asked.

“All the time. You’re afraid of hurting Enid?”

Tansy stared at her shoes. “I don’t want to hurt her. But I don’t want to hurt me, either.”

Episode 938: Ice Cream

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