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Episode 93: Better Days

"Quentin? Quentin itís... itís nice to see you again, youíre not working today?" Katherine said walking in like she owned the place even though this was only her second visit, the exact number of times sheíd met her son-in-law as well, he hadnít made the best first impression.

"No, I know you think I earn slave wages and all, but I own the place, no loans, I can come and go as I please," Quent disliked Justineís parents with a passion, he didnít have much choice. "Look, I didnít mean that, well I did, but I shouldnít have said it that way, anyway sheís been doing a lot better since you came so... thanks,"

"Thatís good, but Iím sure it had more to do with you than me," Katherine felt nervous around him, she had no idea about things like carburetors and she was certain that was all he knew.

"Iím not;" he scratched the back of his neck. "Iíll just be outside working on the bike if she needs me, tell her that, okay?"

Justine was sitting at the table with a cup of herbal tea, she was looking better, and her hair was brushed at least. "Iíve brought you a little bundle, um, letís see," she said anxiously laying the wares out on the table. "Um, a whole bunch of Kiehls, I know how you love this stuff and I noticed last time I was here that you were all out or something and- ah, Mia made a whole batch of her lemon slice especially for you-"

"You told Mia that you were coming to see me?" Justine asked and her mother nodded cautiously in reply. A smile broke out on the daughterís face and at that Katherine brightened greatly as well. "Iíll just get a knife and some plates to dig into that, maybe you could tell me some of the gossip from the Garden Party, what were the center pieces this year?"

Episode 94: Free Your Mind

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