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Episode 94: Free Your Mind

"Thank you so much, you donít know how much-"

"I didnít do anything you havenít spent half your life doing, Iím just so glad that Iím leaving this job because Dr. Marques worked a miracle," Fern smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. "Look for a postcard stamped Peru and fingers crossed, maybe Iíll have some pottery to send you. Iím really going to miss both of you;" Fern said, gave Ava a hug and was gone.

Ava returned to the living room, sat beneath the sofa where her mother had been resting, it was precautionary that she not do too much too soon. Mary put a hand of comfort on her daughterís shoulder. "Can you imagine just packing up and living in a foreign country making clay pots? Listen, Iíve been thinking, in a couple of weeks Iím going to look for work that way you could quit the Marquesí and I can take over paying them back."

"Quit Sebastian isnít that what you mean?" Avalon retorted, spinning around on her heels. "Canít you just be happy that I found someone that I like being around, that-"

Mary briefly closed her eyes. "Avalon you keep behaving like Iím attacking you and that just isnít so. Heís probably very attractive, but I raised you to be more than a girl who needs a knight in shining armor especially one who can so easily buy his heroics. Think about it Ava, think hard when it comes right down to it do either of you have anything in common? You never had the opportunity to wear a lettermanís jacket and thatís what he represents to you, honey itís only a matter of time before you outgrow him."

Ava stood up in near tears. She had no idea why she was near tears; she pushed the hair back off of her forehead. "There doesnít have to be some psychological rationale in-" she shut her eyes for a moment then opened them, "-in loving somebody, it, it can just be the simplest thing for the simplest lack of reason."

Episode 95: It Wasn't Me

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