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Episode 909: Make Me Cry

Justine and Hero made their way out of the car after Michael had given her the go-ahead to leave work a little early following their busy and productive start to the new year. Much to Justine’s surprise, they found Tansy’s friend Enid seated on the cold front step, bundled up in a heavy coat and scarf, no Tansy in sight.

“Hi, Hero, hi, Mrs Vincent,” Enid said, momentarily bending to let Hero greet her with an enthusiastic hug. “I just stopped by to bring Tansy some of my mom’s matzo soup, it always makes me feel better. I rang the doorbell but she didn’t answer, so I guess she’s asleep which is probably good. Maybe you could give her the soup when she wakes up and tell her I hope she feels better soon. The animal shelter hasn’t been the same without her.”

“I don’t understand,” Justine said while unlocking the door. “Tansy isn’t sick.”

“She’s been sick since Christmas,” Enid said. She followed Justine inside after Justine gestured for her to do so. “Tansy’s been so wiped out that she hasn’t come to volunteer or talked much on the phone, she’s barely even answered any texts. I don’t understand either, you’re her mom, how could you not know she’s sick?”

“My question exactly,” Justine replied. She frowned as she removed her coat and shoes. What was going on? Why was Tansy claiming to be sick when Justine had seen no sign of illness? Where had Tansy been the last few weeks if not volunteering?

“Enid, I promised Hero some milk when we got home. His spiderman sippy cup should be right on the kitchen counter. Would you mind fixing it for him while I get to the bottom of what’s going on here?”

Justin left the girl to it while she walked to Tansy’s bedroom. When she found it predictably empty, she made a phone call. Returning to the kitchen, she reported, “Tansy isn’t here. I called my husband and we also spoke to this man who works for him, who’s close to Tansy, but neither has seen her. I really don’t understand. It can't be detention at school, that's not like her and her counselor would have called if there was anything to be concerned over. Where is she? And why has she been telling you she’s sick and why is she skipping out on the animals and you, when she loves that?”

Enid didn’t answer with words, the girl couldn’t, she was too busy crying to speak.

Episode 910: I Kissed a Girl

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