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Episode 910: I Kissed a Girl

Hero finished up his milk and wandered over to Enid, giving her another hug before accepting some graham crackers from his mom and going to play in his room for a bit as his mom had asked of him.

“Take a seat, sweetie,” Mrs. Vincent said to Enid.

Enid’s gaze was so blurred with tears in that moment that she tripped on a kitchen chair before managing to sit on it.

“I’ll fix us some chamomile tea,” Tansy’s mom announced. “It actually tastes alright especially if you add honey. I’ve been trying to do more self care, I mean, maybe it’s just a placebo affect, I don’t know, but I do feel like a cup of this tea is kind of soothing.”

Enid wanted to be polite and respond when spoken to, but in her emotional state she failed to produce any words, she merely sniffled and choked on the tears that just kept on coming.

“You know,” Mrs. Vincente said as Enid listened to her filling a kettle with water. “I’m really concerned, too, but we need to think positively. She must have been doing whatever this is for a couple weeks now, and each day she’s been here when I’ve gotten home, there’s still time until then, so, while I’d like to know what’s going on, I don’t think we need to worry quite so much yet, I’m here early today, that’s all. She’ll walk through the door any minute, then we’ll find out what’s going on and we’ll fix it. All this crying will have been for nothing, you’ll see.”

Enid didn’t mean to say anything, it just blurted out, of all times, of all words. “I kissed her, I can’t fix that.”

Enid buried her face in her hands, the tears pouring out even more than before. She didn’t even know Mrs. Vincente all that well, she always seemed nice, but that didn’t mean she was nice and understanding about everything, especially about a girl kissing her daughter. Enid was afraid Mrs. Vincente would kick her out of their house and she wouldn’t get the chance to talk to Tansy, to explain her feelings and promise they could just be friends if that’s all Tansy wanted.

She should have realized sooner that this was what Tansy had been “sick” over. The timing said so. But it had only just now hit Enid, and she’d handled it badly, blurting it out in front of Mrs. Vincente. Even if Tansy agreed that they could still just be friends, would Tansy’s mom be good with it? The answer came with the screech of a chair’s legs dragged across the kitchen tiles, and then an arm wrapped comfortingly around Enid’s shoulder.

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