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Episode 903: Presents

“This is actually good,” Phillip said. He took a second bite of gooey cinnamon roll and washed it down with some sort of fizzy orange drink. He hadn’t expected to like it, he’d only been following the girl’s lead when he’d ordered it.

Tansy sent him a scrutinizing look across the tiny table. The girl possessed no end of scrutinizing looks.

“Why wouldn’t it be good?” she asked.

“I’ve never eaten at a place like this before, that’s all. It’s surprisingly decadent tasting.”

“You’ve never eaten at a food court?” Tansy shook her head, obviously disbelieving and disapproving.

“You think I’m a snob,” Phillip deduced.

“If it quacks like a duck...”

“You’re right. I am a snob. It’s another one of those things I might like to work on, especially if it means no longer missing out on delicious snack foods like this. Perhaps you can help with my snobbery as well as you’ve helped with my Christmas shopping. I think your grandmother will really like the book and the necklace.”

“I wouldn’t really know what she likes. I’ve barely ever talked to her.”

Phillip nodded. “It’s unfortunate the position your mother has put us all in.”

“It’s unfortunate the position your snobbery has put us all in. But I mean, you’re going to work on that, right?”

Tansy’s raised eyebrow intimidated him more than he cared to admit. She was formidable, his little granddaughter. He liked her, even if she did challenge him on subjects that didn’t warrant challenges.

“For now we’ll have to agree to disagree over who’s responsible for the rift in our family. Let’s focus on the task at hand. Any further thoughts on what you might give to your friend?” When she shrugged, he went on, “let’s brainstorm through it, find a starting point, that usually helps me find solutions at the office. What’s your friend like?”

“You met her at your party,” Tansy offered. It was the closest she’d come all afternoon to opening up.

Perhaps this was the moment he could finally prove useful to his granddaughter and she may begin to like him a little in return. “I happened to look up your friend after the party, it turns out that her parents work for my company and they’re doing very well. So, we know one thing, she must be accustomed to upscale gifts.”

Tansy’s expression became crestfallen, the exact opposite of the look he’d hoped for by helping to narrow down the parameters for a gift.

“I only have twelve dollars to spend.” Tansy frowned. “I can’t buy her something like that.”

Phillip’s spirits brightened. “I can.”

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