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Episode 904: We Are Family

Justine and her daughter sat on the sofa, festive music playing in the background as they addressed Christmas cards and her little guy, Hero, played on the floor with his toy cars. Quent had just called to say he was on his way home with a pizza.

It was a good night. Even Tansy had seemed relatively happy other than her gift-giving anxiety. Justine knew she needed to focus on those positives, not beat herself up over takeout three nights this week or how she still hadn’t secured an account at work as big as the theater would have been, and even these Christmas cards kind of made her feel like she sucked since she’d grabbed them from a drugstore and hadn’t handmade them like the creative moms she followed online.

Justine wasn’t in the depths like she sometimes had been in the past, but she did still struggle with not being a supermom or being as perfect as she wanted to be. She needed to push away her negative thoughts and focus on enjoying this nice quiet night with her family, remembering that’s what truly mattered.

“I’m done with my stack,” Justine announced, pressing a stamp to the last envelope. It was certainly a check in the positive column to know the cards would likely arrive on time. “Want my help with the rest of the cards?”

“I’m almost done, too,” Tans said, carefully writing inside the card. “I just have this one left to finish for grandpa and grandma.”

“You already did that one, sweetie, you must have forgotten to cross it off the list. It’s okay. It’s not wasted, the front of the card is pretty, we can use it as a decoration.”

“This one’s for my other grandpa and grandma,” Tansy explained, and looked up from the card to her mom. “Is that okay? I’ll just send it from me if you want. Or, I could put you and dad and Hero’s names, too. I thought... well, maybe it would be nice even if they aren’t always nice.”

Tansy appeared so eager, and she was just such a well-meaning kid that Justine couldn’t bring herself to squash the idea as much as she wanted to. “As long as you keep it simple,” Justine said. “No apologies, no invitations, just Merry Christmas, that’s it.”

Meantime at Phillip’s house, Lila, Katherine’s assistant, presented him with the list Katherine had made for Christmas cards to send out and asked if there were any names he wanted to add before she left for the night. His first instinct was to say no, his second was to say, “my daughter Justine and her family.”

“Uh. Okay.”

Episode 905: You Make It Feel like Christmas

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