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Episode 90: On Our Own

Avalon wore her own dress this year, well it was actually a full length black slip from a sidewalk sale at a lingerie shop. Fern offered to line it for her, Mary was doing so much better that her nurse was often at loose ends these past few days.

"I was just on my way to the hors d’oeuvres; those stuffed mushrooms love my thighs, could I get you something sweetheart? For a girl who works around food so often you’re far too thin." Sarette regretted it the moment it was said though it seemed the dark-haired girl had far more pressing matters on her mind, like the boy flashing his dimples at all the ladies. "Go to him, he looks like he needs a short leash," Mrs. Jordan suggested against her better judgment.

Ava appeared startled. "We’re not really- we’re keeping it quiet so please-"

"A new conquest?" Michael Gable asked playfully punching Sebastian in the arm.

For the first time since Avalon had arrived he didn’t have at least one eye trained in her direction and it took all of his willpower. "Gotta keep busy, so Michael where’s your Irish shackle, finally ship him back?"

Michael smiled and rolled her eyes. "No, no, he’s around here somewhere, probably talking to your mother he’s become obsessed with the medical profession, he’s actually toyed with the notion of going to medical school, can you believe that? Like he doesn’t have enough on his plate."

"Yeah, he sure does have a lot going on," Sebastian agreed and anxiously watched Avalon mingling with a group of young Wall Street types.

Episode 91: How Much Longer

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