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Episode 91: How Much Longer

"Jerk!" Adria huffed and ran inside to go change her dress; a boy sheíd known for half a minute in kindergarten had spilt punch down her front and didnít even have the grace to apologize. She was tearing up the stairs when she rammed headfirst into a frail chest and began to stumble backwards. Taro was far from athletic; her wrist was the only thing in history that heíd caught on the first try.

Outside drops of rain began their plummet as Katherine caught up with Sebastian while Phillip herded their guests indoors. "How is Justine, have you spoken to her-"

"You donít even care;" he spat at her and stomped off across the lawn looking back occasionally until he was certain that it was barren then he veered off to the left entering the deserted greenhouse.

"Great dress," he managed to utter before his mouth was consumed with hers, the back of her thighs were crushed against a low shelf of potted plants.

Avalon pressed her hands flat against his chest in an effort to come up for air. "Stop... we havenít even been out on a real date yet."

He glared at her, clearly annoyed, only to turn the charm back on seconds later, his fingers toying with one of the fragile straps of her slip dress. "Fine weíll go to the malt shop, you can spend half the night pretending like you donít want to sleep with me, itíll be lots of innocent fun and maybe if Iím really, really good youíll let me kiss you goodnight, would you please?"

Episode 92: Can't Take Me Home

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