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Episode 898: Thankful

Bowie stopped at the nurses’ station on his way out of the hospital.

“Hi Greta,” he said to one of the nurses who had been caring for Jesse. “I just wanted to let you know that Jesse won’t need dinner brought to his room tonight, I’m picking up some from this Italian place we like, we’re having family dinner in his room. Can I bring you back anything to eat on your break? All of you have been such a help through this process, we’d really like to do something nice for you in return.”

“That’s sweet,” Greta said. “Really though, I’m just doing the job I’ve been doing for the last thirty years, seeing to it that patients and their families are as comfortable as can be at an uncomfortable time. That’s very nice of you to offer to pick up some food for me, I thank you for that, but I’m all set for my dinner. You really don’t owe me anything young man, it’s reward enough to know your boy is feeling well enough to eat with you all, I’m very pleased to hear it.”

“Yeah, it’s the best. His recovery… I don’t think I’ve felt more relieved or grateful-” An idea suddenly flashed into his mind. “Would you pass it along to him or her if I wrote out a thank you to the donor and left my contact information in case they need a favor sometime that maybe I could help with?”

“Sure thing. I’d be happy to relay the message, it wouldn’t violate that silly anonymity business.” Greta found him a pen and a small pad of paper. “Just take all the time you need to get the wording right.”

Bowie had the note halfway written when Greta interrupted him, stilling his hand with her own. “I’d be bending the rules here, but you’re just such a thoughtful young man and the donor, well, he has so few visitors and this look in his eye like he doesn’t think much of himself and I just think maybe it would be good for all involved if we chucked this anonymous nonsense and you express your gratitude face to face, who knows, it could be the beginning of a lovely friendship, and he strikes me as someone who could use a surrogate family in his life beyond the three people who have come to see him. Would you like the room number?”

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