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Episode 899: What You Don't Know

Sebastian felt like he could go back to breathing easier. It had been more than a month since the procedure and there was no sign of Xavier making life miserable.

For once it seemed that trusting one of his parents may not end in disaster, it seemed his mom had been right, Xavier really did want to remain anonymous and there was nothing to panic over.

Bas wandered into the kitchen, whistling a happy tune as he entered, and breathing in the mouth-watering aromas of Thanksgiving. “Smells good in here already,” he said, though he knew Ava still had a lot of cooking left to do, she liked to do the holidays up big.

“Want any help?” He asked, noting that Lila didn’t appear to be offering any, consumed as she was at the table with plotting her Black Friday shopping.

“I’m good, thanks though,” Avalon said, giving Sebastian a kiss before getting back to work. “It’s actually a relaxation thing for me and I need all of the relaxation I can get before what will hopefully be a busy holiday season at the store.”

“Okay, well, just let me know if you change your mind.”

The living room was just as he’d left it, Ava’s dad and Jesse on the edge of their seats watching the ballgame, Nate playing a handheld video game while Shelby, the cat, rested her old bones in his lap, and Bowie. Bowie looked preoccupied and unsettled and now that Sebastian no longer felt that way, he was more awake to others who did.

Bowie abruptly stood and walked out of the room without a word to anyone. Sebastian grabbed their coats and joined his friend outside. He sat beside Bowie on the porch steps and gave Bowie his coat.

“Want to talk about whatever is going on?” Sebastian asked. “With Jesse doing well this should be one of the happiest Thanksgivings you’ve ever had, but you don’t seem all that happy. Is there anything I can do?”

“I’m… confused, having some trouble differentiating between right and wrong. I mean, I think I know what’s right, but… I hate this. I hate having secrets. And you’re the last person I should be telling this secret to. No offense, but you don’t have the best sense of right and wrong to begin with and this news would make it even worse, I really, really shouldn’t make it possible for you to influence me on this. You don’t want to know this secret. I don’t want to know it.”

Episode 900: What About Us

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