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Episode 886: Brave

Lucy set about her task with great care, she wanted it to be perfect, though that wasn’t easily accomplished with stars in her eyes. It wasn’t like she never experienced moments of attraction to him before, but this, this she just so admired, and it was like it had flipped a switch in Lucy, this revelation where she was like this is the person you should want forever with and so through dinner she’d found herself gazing at him for lengths of time that weren’t really advisable in a strictly friends situation.

That, and wanting to do something nice for him had prompted to Lucy to put her attraction to the side and throw all her focus into celebrating his altruism even though he’d said it wasn’t necessary, it wasn’t a big deal.

She placed the homemade chocolate shake in front of him complete with a delicately shaped dollop of whipped cream and some cherries on top. She took her own glass and sat across the table from him.

“It looks amazing,” he said, “I’m sure it tastes even better, but you didn’t need to go to all this trouble for me.”

“Well, you wouldn’t let me take you out to a fancy dinner or anything, so I figured you should at least have a lovingly made milkshake in honor of your heroics.”

“I’m not a hero, but thanks for thinking of me that way.” He clinked his glass in cheers against hers and took a drink. “Wow. Maybe you should have a milkshake truck as your side job, one sip of this and they’d be lined up around the block.

“It is really good, huh?” Lucy smiled. “I’m glad it turned out so well, I wanted to do something at least a little special for you. I do think what you’re doing is heroic. This doctor has given you a thick packet of information about the procedure which would make most anybody hesitate, but you’re not. You’re just going ahead with it even though there’s nothing in it for you.”

“There is something in it for me though, it feels good to help someone, it’s like how it feels when I’m there for Tansy, like I’m not just a waste of space, there’s a reason I exist.”

“I promise you aren’t a waste of space, but I get that feeling, I really do, my job helps when I feel that way. But even if that is part of your motivation to do this, I know it isn’t everything, I do think what you’re doing is heroic and selfless.” And if it gave her an excuse to be a little brave and plant a kiss on his cheek, all the better.

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