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Episode 887: Under The Sea

“I suppose that went well, all things considered,” Katherine said. She dropped to the sofa and kicked off her high heels. “All disasters averted.”

“Hmm,” Phillip muttered, he wasn’t quite prepared to agree as he sat beside his wife.

“I saw our gate crasher,” Katherine noted. “Did that not go well?”

“It’s fine, under control.” Phillip did not have complete confidence in that statement. He had managed to convince Tansy to meet him for lunch at a yet to be determined date, or, more accurately the girl’s friend had managed to convince her. Whether the lunch would forge a bond or make Tansy more inclined to cause a public scene was anyone’s guess and that unnerved Phillip, he was a man who liked certainty.

“Maybe at some point we’ll look back on this as the moment where she came over to our side,” Katherine said, her voice full of hope. “Just because her mother turned wayward, it doesn’t mean that Tansy will.”

“Maybe so, it’s a nice thought, having more family in the fold, as it should be.” Phillip pressed a kiss to Katherine’s cheek. “What about your diverted disaster? I saw you charge off, presumably on the hunt for Lila. I take it that worked out since I didn’t see you putting out fires every other minute.”

“I’m hoping I put out the biggest fire of them all. Lila thinks she should plead Jesse’s case to the donor to assure he doesn’t back out. I did my best to dissuade her, but I don’t know if she’ll leave it alone.”

Phillip shook his head. “For Sebastian’s sake, she’d better leave it be. Avalon is such a bleeding heart, her ex is already the wounded kicked puppy type, now on top of that he’ll be a donor and a sudden dad, I don’t like this for Sebastian. I don’t like it one bit.”

Episode 888: Sitting Waiting Wishing

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