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Episode 884: Denial

Phillip momentarily closed his eyes. He felt right so much of the time that the few times he legitimately understood how wrong he was, he didn’t handle it well. This, he absolutely had to handle well. Every important person in the city was here to witness it. While he’d long been aware of the whisperings about the state of his family, it wasn’t as if everyone else’s family was perfectly intact either, however, it was an entirely different proposition to have them all watch his family drama play out – messiness was meant to stay private, at least in their circles.

Phillip breathed deep to settle his urge to lash out at the girl for ambushing him like this. Many in this crowd had also cut ties with an adult child due to their poor decisions, but even they likely wouldn’t look kindly on him if he lost his temper with a young child.

He opened his eyes and put on his best smile even though he felt like a complete idiot, as, now that he truly looked at her, her identity was patently obvious, he should have seen it immediately. Fortunately for the child, she took after her well-bred mother more than her grease-monkey father.

“Of course I was just teasing,” Phillip said, “of course I knew who your parents are.”

“No you didn’t,” the girl said with the same stubborn expression her mother had thrown at him far too frequently towards the end. It made Phillip as uneasy now as it had then.

“This is such an unexpected treat to have you here,” he said, hoping to mollify the situation though he could practically see the steam building in her.

“It’s only unexpected because you didn’t invite your family to your party, or at least not all of us,” the girl huffed. “If it was really such a treat you would have asked me here, instead, my friend did.”

Phillip glanced around him, they seemingly hadn’t drawn any attention yet save for Tansy’s friend and luckily she appeared too concerned for Tansy, to be the sort of person he’d need worry about spreading gossip.

“There are oversights with every large guest list, that’s all this was, an oversight, I’m certain,” Phillip said. “I truly am pleased to see you.” As he said it, he realized it was true, he would like to get to know his granddaughter, though only if it were on his terms, definitely not like this, where it could escalate into a spectacle that it didn’t need to be.

Episode 885: Leave it Alone

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