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Episode 885: Leave it Alone

Katherine was tempted to walk across the lawn to where Phillip stood in conversation with two young girls, one of which she recognized as her long-lost granddaughter, Tansy. The girl had grown up a lot in the time since Katherine had last seen her at Sebastian’s failed wedding, not that she’d really had a chance to get a good look at the girl that day before everything had fallen into a panic upon Jesse’s collapse.

Katherine could not remember the last time she’d had a conversation with the child. She itched to do just that, but something about the body language over there, the tension, dissuaded her.

There would be a better time to get reacquainted with the girl. Katherine really didn’t want to get into something tumultuous just now, not while she needs to focus on the party running smoothly. Obviously Lila had reason to succeed, she seemed serious about her party planning business, however, things had a way of turning into a disaster in Lila’s hands, in fact, Katherine hadn’t caught a glimpse of her for quite some time now. Where had she disappeared to? Was there some kind of problem?

Katherine quite easily convinced herself to follow up on Lila’s whereabouts and leave the grandchild drama entirely in Phillip’s lap, Phillip will surely clean up that mess while she tended to Lila’s mess.

Katherine shook her head. She should have known better than to let her guilty conscious and empathy dictate who she hired for a major event. What kind of sense did it make to hire someone who had already failed at the job once before?

She made her way into the house, being sure to take the time to be congenial with her guests along the way. She tried the kitchen first and the catering staff assured her that Lila had checked on them recently, though amidst the hecticness they couldn’t pinpoint exactly how long ago it had been.

Next, Katherine checked her home office, she found it empty, though just as she was about to leave, she spied Lila out on the balcony. Lila was not observing the goings on at the party below, she was staring off into space. Honestly.

“Lila,” Katherine snapped. “Do you realize things could go wrong while you’re up here daydreaming?”

“I wasn’t- Okay, I was, but only for a minute, well, maybe a little more than a minute. I’m sorry. I just got caught up thinking about this person who is going to be Jessie’s donor, I mean, it’s still a week away, what if they change their mind? Are you sure you can’t arrange a meeting with them so we can talk and tell them exactly how much it means-”

“Lila, leave it alone. The only thing that will change this person’s mind is if you go tracking them down. When I said it’s an anonymous donor, I did not mean anonymous until we make introductions. This person wants to do this without the fanfare, Lila, trust in that, trust me, you’ll regret it if you go against their wishes.”

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