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Episode 881: We Own Tonight

“It’s not bad news,” Katherine said to Bowie on the phone. “It’s just that sometimes in emotional circumstances like this even good news can throw you for a loop, so if you’re not already seated...”

“Good news?” Bowie asked, so afraid for worse news that he wasn’t even sure he’d heard right.

Lila’s eyes lit up at his question. Caroline looked hopeful, too. Even Jesse who’d been far from hopeful for some time now, appeared almost eager.

Lila squeezed Bowie’s fingers. He handed the phone back to her, wanting her to hear the good news first, to feel that relief, she’d been more worried over the last few months than she’d ever really admitted, he knew that.

“Is this about his tests a few days ago?” Lila hurriedly asked Katherine. “Is he better now? Sometimes miracles like that happen, I’ve seen it online, I-”

“Lila,” Katherine said, “take a breath.”

Lila followed her instructions, knowing the doctor was right, she had to calm down enough to give Katherine room to actually tell her the good news, so she momentarily stifled her questions and waited for the other woman to speak.

“Jesse isn’t better yet, however, we’ve found a match, now, there are still no guaran-”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” The phone flew out of Lila’s hand when she threw her arms around Bowie in the most enthusiastic hug of her life. “There’s a match! He’s going to be okay!”

Bowie hugged her tight in return, his eyes teary with happiness and relief. Jesse and Caroline whooped with joy and embraced. Jesse called out to Nate to come celebrate. That night was full of happy tears, laughter, and pizza. Their thoughts were consumed with how soon Jesse would be well again, with little focus on the identity of the donor who would help him get there, other than a sense of gratitude towards whoever it was.

Episode 882: Little Lies

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