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Episode 882: Little Lies

Tansy finally finished her side braid on the third try, tying it off with a floral elastic that sort of matched the tiny purple and yellow print on the romper her mom had surprised her with to wear special for today. She didn’t usually spend so much time fussing with her hair but that was the kind of place she was going, she thought with a frown, the kind of place she wasn’t sure she’d be welcome even though technically someone had invited her.

She slipped on her simple purple sandals, the kind that made a slapping sound with every step she took from her bedroom to the kitchen, she’d always liked that sound for some weird reason and so it calmed her nerves a little, as did the sight of her little brother charging towards her, that probably shouldn’t have been so calming considering her special outfit and the grape popsicle in his hand, but she adored him a lot more than she cared about clothes, kind of like how she could never bring herself to push away the dogs at the shelter even if they were all soapy from their baths.

Her dad swooped in though, and scooped Hero up into his arms. “How about we do it this way? I know you like to share little guy but we don’t want your sister to have to change clothes.”

Her dad brought Hero over to her, in such a way so that Hero could only hold the popsicle out to her mouth and not accidentally smush int into her shoulder or something as may have happened if left to his own devices.

“Thank you, Hero,” Tansy said after taking a small bite from the tip of the popsicle. “It was really nice of you to let me have some.”

“Bring me present, please?” Hero asked in return, not in a bratty demanding kid style, just his usual sweet irresistible style.

“Oh, um,” Tansy stalled, trying to think of what she could possibly bring home for her little brother.

“Buddy, I’m not sure their gift shop sells that kind of cool stuff you like,” dad told him, settling Hero back on his feet though keeping a hand on his shoulder to stop him from from running wild with the popsicle.

“He’d probably love the light display if he could stay awake late enough for it, though Tans can’t exactly put that in her pocket and bring it home,” mom said. “Maybe we could all go together sometime though, I haven’t been to the botanical garden since I was a kid.”

Dad nodded. “You’ll have to check the place out for us, Tans, let us know if it’s Hero friendly.”

“I’ll let you know how it is, totally,” Tansy said, her calm quickly evaporating. First she had to figure out how to bring home a souvenir for her brother from a place that doesn’t have souvenirs, then she’d have to look up the botanical garden online and find information on it since she wasn’t actually setting foot there.

Episode 883: Grandpa?

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