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Episode 880: Cut To The Feeling

“I was wondering if maybe you’d have some ideas for taking the search public without it becoming public for Jess, too,” Bowie said. “I feel like Jess has enough going on without reporters chasing after him, he already feels so watched, and having the world watch you is worse than family.”

Lila nodded. “Agreed, and I know he knows he has a biological father, but I don’t think he should have to pursue that unless he’s ready, he shouldn’t have to just because his health is forcing him to.”

“That’s what I was thinking, too,” Bowie said. “But then at the same time I wonder is that selfish? Is it just because I don’t want this other dad in the picture?”

“You’re his only dad,” Lila insisted, “that’s now Jesse feels, too. And, I mean, obviously past history says I”m prone to selfish behavior, so honestly, I don’t know, maybe it is selfish.”

“I guess what we should do is ask him how he wants to handle it. Then, if Jess does want to keep his distance from Xavier, between you and Bas, you must be able to come up with some shady way to do this without Xavier even knowing his connection to Jesse. No offense about the shady thing, Lilac, but well...”

“I know, I get it, and I’ll be happy to put my evil to good use, if that’s how Jesse wants to play this.”

A few minutes later, the boys walked in with Caroline. Nate quickly hurried off, happy to get started on his math homework.

“It’s nice to see you Caroline,” Bowie said, “but we need to talk to Jesse about something.”

“Actually, I need to talk to you guys first,” Jesse said, “and I kind of want Caroline here. Um, it’s about-”

Lila’s phone rang. She looked at it and shakily passed it off to Bowie. He looked at the call display and with a deep breath answered it. “Hello.”

“Hi Bowie, it’s Dr. Marques. I have news about Jesse. You might want to sit for this.”

Episode 881: We Own Tonight

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