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Episode 87: Look Away

"This is a really nice place Lila, I mean that," Bowie said standing awkwardly beside her desk. He had no idea where to put his hands and he wished heíd worn the black dress pants from his high school graduation instead of the faded jeans that were fraying at the hem.

"I know, donít you just love it!" She responded enthusiastically crinkling up her nose.

"Listen, um, Iím sorry about the stuff I said to you before the holidays, I just didnít mean it the way you think- ah, anyway Iíve been a jerk, the only time I see Jesse is when my momís babysitting- this just hasnít been the time of my life lately." His grin was lopsided as he gazed at her cheeks flushed from the heat wafting throughout the elaborate building. She was as beautiful in that moment as she had been the afternoon sheíd turned twelve and he sat next to her on the soccer field offering her one of his cigarettes. She was beautiful when she was warm.

An office door opened to reveal Curran and Michael kissing goodbye, Bowie turned back to Lila. "My parents are selling the store; they donít have a buyer yet, but..."

"I always figured Jesse would get his first job there you know, like it would be there forever," Lila was the only one whose first thought on the subject was exactly the same as his own, he was so glad heíd come to apologize. "Maybe you could get a loan and buy it yourself,"

"Yeah, well, unless CD players pass for collateral these days, Iím out of luck, if I ever had any to begin with," he shrugged his shoulders, feeling defeated once again.

"Pardon me, but I couldnít help overhearing, perhaps I could help, how much is it that you need?" Curran asked, holding a shiny black leather attache case.

Episode 88: Tell Me Why

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