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Episode 88: Tell Me Why

"So, you and the Princess are official now, huh?" Lila stated; that nagging ache still present despite the fact that technically she knew she was over Sebastian, he was her friend now. She handed him a lukewarm beer and sat in the pink armchair that sheíd picked up at the second hand shop for fifteen dollars. She felt so grown up now.

He took a lengthy swig and his dimples made a cunning appearance. He took in a breath. "Official, Iím practically choking just saying it, Ava and I are just good friends."

"Such the bad liar!" The redhead giggled almost absently.

"Iíd never lie to you Lila, got no reason to, I save my best stuff for other girls, sorry, Avalon likes me to say women," he answered leaning across the coffee table feigning interest in Jesseís Crayola masterpieces. "Howís the job, I guess Michael hasnít pulled out all your hair yet?"

"I love it... well, I love the parts of it that I understand, Iím not a brainy chick like your Princess so the learning curve has been a bit hard, but-"

"Michael Gable, legs for miles if I do recall, I had such a crush on her back when I was about fifteen, but, I wasnít smooth enough for older women back then, she missed out,"

"Sheís missing out on nothing, no offense of course, but her husband Curran wow, he is so hot, heís got the slightest accent and... Well, letís just say itís a good thing Iím trying to turn over a new leaf," she rebutted, pretending to fan herself.

"I think Iíve met him a couple of times, didnít exactly stick out to me. So what? Heís like Bono with Larry Mullen Jr.ís face or something, what is it with girls and accents? So whatís he like, this guy that youíd risk your fancy new job over, he certainly canít be more charming than yours truly?" Bas quizzed her leaning back with his arms crossed behind his head.

Episode 89: Eighteen Wheeler

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