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Episode 858: Are We All We Are

“This is really pretty,” her mother said, taking the other end of the handmade banner and helping Molly pin it to the living room wall. “Since when are you so into arts and crafts?”

“Always, kind of,” Molly admitted. “Doilies and glitter and markers and stuff, and having a party on Valentine’s day with cupcakes, pink lemonade, and making fancy journals, it’s not exactly seen as cool, but deep down it’s the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to do. So, I decided to do it, and not care if anyone thinks it’s lame. I’m just… done with hating on everyone and everything. It’s not like it was making me happy.”

“So this new you is why I’ve seen you with your cousin a fair bit lately, it’s not because you’re scamming her somehow.”

“That’s what you thought I was doing?”

“I hoped not, but I haven’t set the best example. I’ve done my fair share of using people.”

“Me, too,” Molly said, “but I’m changing my stripes, or at least I’m trying to, and yeah, Tansy’s part of that. She just seemed in need of a friend or big sis and I figured I might be capable of that.”

“That’s really nice, I’m proud of you, Mol. Maybe you’ll do so well at this being a good person thing that I’ll be inspired to follow in your footsteps.”

“You’re not so terrible most of the time,” Molly said, and she meant it now that she was determined to not hate so much.

“Certain people would disagree with your assessment of me,” her mom replied.

“Maybe you should call that certain person. He should be over it by now, it’s been more than a year. If he isn’t over it, I’ll talk to him. I’ll tell him what a monster I can be, and that you had no control over it, that’s the truth. Maybe Tansy would even talk to him for-”

“It wasn’t right,” her mother said. “The way things were between him and I, it wasn’t right, and that didn’t really have anything to do with you or Tansy, that disaster was on me. So, tonight, while you’re having some single friends over, I’m going out to a singles event of my own where maybe I’ll finally find an adult relationship that I won’t screw up.”

Episode 859: Devil's Waiting?

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