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Episode 859: Devil's Waiting?

She checked her phone again while she waited, frowning when she realized her sister had yet to respond to her latest message. Thus far Addie had only wished her well, refusing to hear any of the details, even which theater Justine would be doing publicity for, Adria vehement that she was too busy settling in to motherhood.

But Justine was in a fairly vehement mindset, too, she wasn’t giving up on the idea of bonding with her little sister and encouraging Adria to not seal herself up in a baby bubble, and Justine still thought this project was the best way to accomplish that.

Justine wandered around the vast lobby, taking some photos of the ornate detailing while she waited on the new owner to appear and give her the grand tour, the receptionist ensuring her that the owner would be along any moment.

She intended to take a slew of photos today, listen carefully to his thoughts and combine that with the massive research she’d done on the theater’s history. Put all that together in a presentation and hopefully it would prove an irresistible draw for Adria.

She had a ton of questions as far as what productions were in the pipeline and the changes or innovations that might be made, really she wanted to know anything and everything that might be spotlighted for a publicity campaign.

When at last the theater’s owner introduced himself, the name again struck Justine as familiar, as it had when she’d read it in the brief Michael had given her, though Justine had meant to research him, she’d first gotten so caught up in her theatrical research that she hadn’t gotten around to him yet, she simply assumed he must be successful enough in her field that even she’d heard of him somewhere along the way, or maybe Addie had mentioned him at a some point since the theater world had for many years been her main topic of conversation.

“As I told Michael,” the owner said, “I want this PR campaign to be a collaboration between my ideas and your company, if it’s all me, then what’s the point in hiring you, right? It’s the same way I like to direct, obviously I have my vision, but I’m open to other ideas improving on it.”

“Great, I look forward to working together,” Justine replied, “and I should be honest upfront, some of the ideas may not be my own, I’m hoping my sister, Addie, will play sort of a consulting role. I think she’ll be a big help, I mean, if you don’t mind her involvement, she’s very passionate about the theater.”


“Her full name is Adria Vance, she’s been in some well-received productions, maybe you’ve heard of her?”

He looked down at the floor, nodded, and looked up. “Yeah. Yeah, I know her, and I guess that means this isn’t going to work out.”

Episode 860: Sisters

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