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Episode 849: Baby Baby Baby

“Where are you headed?” Bowie asked, hating his new role as resident killjoy. Waiting on a response from his eldest not so happy son, he set down the dice that he was supposed to roll for his turn in a board game with his youngest son, also not so happy of late, none of them were. You couldn’t be happy with a sick kid.

“It’s Black Friday,” Jesse pointed out, sliding his arms into his coat sleeves. “Everyone from school is at the mall. I figured I would check it out, too.”

“Why don’t you get in on this game with us, instead?” Bowie suggested. “There’s room for another player, right Nate?”

“Totally, it’s fun, come play.”

“So,” Jesse grumbled, “you’re basically saying I can’t go.”

“If you want to go with me or your-”

“I’m always game for shopping,” Lila volunteered. “The crowds and going it alone, that’s not fun, but with you, I-”

“It’s not fun being treated like a pathetic baby either, having my parents as chaperones, having the girl I like doing donor drives for me, feeling sorry for me instead of hot for me, it sucks. It feels worse than the stupid disease. It’s really great to have your life ruined when you don’t even know how much of it you have left.”

With that, Jesse tossed his jacket on the floor and stomped back to his room.

“Did he have to say that?” Lila asked. “It’s not true, he has a whole lifetime ahead, and I’m not babying him. I thought it would be fun to shop together, but if he wants to go alone, he should go alone, I’ll go tell him.”

“Lilac, he shouldn’t go anyone on his own, you know that’s true, he’s too sick to-”

“I could go with him,” Nate volunteered. “One of you could give me your phone just in case. I’ll tell him I really, really need to look for presents and I need him to take me, so he can look out for me, I’ll be the baby even though I’m actually looking out for him, too.”

“You’re a good brother, Nate,” Bowie said and Lila nodded in agreement.

“Jesse taught me how to be the best.”

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